Best Horse Clipper Review

Make clipping fast and easy with a quality grooming tool. After testing 14 clippers on 5 different equines, we concluded that the ANDIS AGC2 2-Speed Clipper grabs the 1st place. That’s a professional horse clipper with excellent features.

Clipping is an essential part of horse grooming. Quality tools make the process more pleasant and the result more stunning. Besides, they will last you for long.

A horse clipper is a must-have in every grooming kit. Different clippers serve various purposes. Some of the products are full-body clipping tools. While others are good for trimming light hairs.

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5 Best Horse Clippers Reviews

Here’s an ultimate buying guide that reveals the top 5 horse clippers on the market.

1 ANDIS AGC2 2-Speed Clipper – All-Around Grooming Tool

The ANDIS ProClip Clipper is a top-notch tool for your hooved pal. The quality gear is made for professional grooming. The horse clipper comes with a detachable blade that adds more versatility. It’s compatible with Oster Clipmaster A5 blades. Such a product can be used for horse body clipping.

Clipper Features

  • The clipper comes with a detachable blade (T-84 size) that can be replaced with most blade types.
  • The rotary motor is powerful (4,000 cutting strokes per minute) and quiet. Perfect for heavy-duty use.
  • The product includes a 1-2 speed control for better operation.
  • The equine clipper has an ergonomic design for better grip.
  • The item comes with a heavy-duty cord 16 feet long.
  • The grooming kit includes the horse clipper, T-84 detachable blade, oil, cord, case, and DVD guide.

Bottom Line

The ANDIS Horse Clipper is perfect when it comes to thick coats. This is one of the best heavy-duty horse clippers for grooming sessions. The replaceable blades are a great plus. The item can deal with a winter coat flawlessly. This heavy-duty clipper comes in a full set that you can take everywhere. It’s a universal animal clipper that is friendly to livestock and dogs as well.

2 Premier-1 4000c Clipper Package – Lightweight Fine Tool

The Premier 1 Clipper comes in a package that is ready to use. The detachable blade clipper features a magnet motor power that is quiet. The product is loved by horse owners as they can use the tool for horse body clipping. The high-torque motor grooms horses and livestock well.

Clipper Features

  • The clipping machine is designed with a magnet motor that works quietly.
  • Such a motor is lightweight and small in size that makes the product comfy to handle.
  • The powerful clipper deals with horse winter coats and cattle shaving.
  • The item has a little fan that forces the air through the head of the clipper.
  • The grooming kit includes a clipper, 3-mm blade sizes set, oil, and manual.

Bottom Line

The Premier-1 Clipper Package is brilliant for hairy equines. A wide range of blades is suitable for full-body clipping and light trimming. It’s the best gift for a horse owner as the gear is ready to use. The parts are replaceable so the clipper will last for long.

3 Wild Edge Horse Clipper – Device with Low-Vibration

The Wild Edge Clipper is all about comfortable use. The heavy-duty design provides an anti-slip feature. The counter-balanced crank is for low vibration. High-performance and ergonomic design – that’s what you’ll get. It’s one of the best clippers for horses of medium and large sizes.

Clipper Features

  • The powerful clipper is suitable for equines, dogs, and livestock.
  • It comes with a metal steel head that is quite durable.
  • The anti-slip design is made for improved gripping.
  • The product has a 130W machine motor with blades performing 2,500 double strokes per minute.
  • The ventilating system helps to cool the device when clipping.
  • The grooming package includes a clipper, case, cleaning brush, oil, and a screw driver.

Bottom Line

The Wild Edge Clipper comes with blades that provide 1/8-inch cutting height. The product features a powerful motor that can deal with large equines. Another benefit is that the gear is quiet and vibrations are low. The non-slip design is a fascinating perk. Apart from the clipper, you’ll get all the essentials for a ready kit.

4 Wahl Professional Grooming Kit – Efficient Cordless Horse Clipper

The Wahl Professional Animal Grooming Kit stands out with its non-cord design. Horse owners claim the product is one of the best cordless horse clippers for a reasonable price. The item is great for light clipping and trimming. It can deal with hairs on the equine’s ears, head, fetlocks, and bridle path. The cordless clipper charges fast, which is a plus.

Clipper Features

  • The product is perfect for light trimming sessions.
  • It has a cordless design with a 2-hour run time.
  • After you charge the clipper for 15 minutes, you can get extra 10 minutes for clipping.
  • The clipper is made with a Lithium-Ion battery that lasts for long.
  • The product weighs 10.3 ounces that make the gear lightweight.
  • The clipper comes with adjustable blades that are easily replaceable.
  • The package includes a clipper, carry case, charging cord, comb, oil, cleaning brush, scissors, and manual DVD.

Bottom Line

The Wahl Professional Animal Clipper is a tremendous solution for horse owners. Unlike the previous product, this gear is a cordless grooming clipper. This provides freedom of motion around animals. This gear also comes in a kit with all essential tools. The product is high-performing with the blades making 6,000 strokes per minute.

5 TAKEKIT Horse Grooming Kit – Clipper with Variable Speed

The TAKEKIT Clipper is a highly-adjustable device. It has a range of 6 speeds suitable for thick hair and light trimming. The blades perform 2,400 strokes per minute that is good for medium equines. It can be used as a blanket clip. The item deals with long and thick hair.

Clipper Features

  • The equine clipper comes with a 380W heavy-duty motor made of copper.
  • The detachable steel blade is quite durable.
  • The device has 6 speeds. 1-3 speed is for sensitive areas while 4-6 is for body clipping.
  • The head is designed with a rotatable button to adjust the blade.
  • The package includes a clipper, power cord, carry case, user manual, cleaning brush, and empty oil bottle.

Bottom Line

The TAKEKIT Grooming Kit is a powerful device for equines and livestock. You can use it for hard clipping and light trimming. A range of speed systems helps to set the desired power. The package has all the bare essentials except oil. These are heavy horse clippers but they do their job with flying colors.

Frequently Asked Questions

woman is body clipping a horse

Do I Need to Clip My Horse?

When the cold arrives, the question about horse clipping arises. In winter, the horse’s hair tends to grow and gets thicker. That’s a natural process that helps equines to keep warm. Thick coats can help horses feel comfortable when they are turned out with no horse blanket on.

Regular working leads to excessive sweating in horses. That’s a natural reaction to cool down the animal. But sweating may lead to a horse catching a cold. Thus, clipping an equine reduces sweating. It may prevent a horse from getting a chill. Besides, a clipped horse is easier to groom.

If your companion spends most of their time outside in winter, clipping is not recommended. It’s better to consider a solid shelter that will protect a horse from weather conditions. You may still consider putting on a rug on a horse. But make sure the equine feels comfy with it.

When to Clip a Horse?

Horse owners usually clip their horses in September or October. The perfect time depends on the workload of your horse.

Competition horses are clipped frequently, all the year round. This helps to keep the equines cool and look neat. And clipping reduces sweating in performing horses.

When winter comes, expect to clip your horse 2 to 3 three times per season. September till December is the time when the horse’s hair grows faster. As soon as winter is over, you can make a pause as the summer coat starts growing.

clipped horse with half coat left

What Are the Types of Horse Clips?

There are different types of horse clips including full clip, hunter clip, blanket clip, and more. Let’s check the most common types.

1. Full Clipping

Remove all the hair from the sides, head, ears, and limbs. Such a clip is recommended for hard-working horses. If your companion spends much time outside in winter, it’s better to consider other types of horse clips.

2. Hunter Clipping

Most part of the horse’s hair is clipped. Remove all the hair from the sides, head, and ears. Leave the hair on the legs and the place where a horse saddle is tacked up.

The hunter clip provides safe saddle wearing to avoid fraction. The hair on the limbs keeps the equine warm.

3. Blanket Clipping

As its name implies, the hair is left on the place where a blanket is tacked up. This is the area from the withers to the upper tail. Also, leave the coat on the front part of the head and legs.

This type of horse clip is recommended for equines in average work. They spend the daytime outside if the weather is fine. Such clipping provides enough warmth and prevents excessive sweating.

4. Trace Clipping

The trace clipping requires less work. Remove the hair from the half of the neck down to the chest. The rest of the body is clipped like in the blanket clipping. Leave the hair on the back and limbs as well.

This type is ideal for equines in light and medium work. Such horses are turned out during the daytime. The trace clipping ensures your companion won’t sweat a lot. At the same time, the hair is still left on the half of the body to keep the animal warm.

5. Chaser Clipping

Chaser clipping is similar to blanket clipping. The difference is that this type requires leaving hair on the top of the horse’s neck. This helps to warm up the neck muscles. The back and limbs are unclipped.

Such clipping is good for equines in medium work. It ensures enough warmth with no excessive sweating. Great for horses that are turned out in the daytime.

6. Irish Clipping

Irish clipping has a unique pattern. The point is to remove the coat from the areas that tend to sweat more. These are the spots around the armpits and neck. Remove the hair from the poll to the top point of the stifle. So the forelegs, hind limbs, and hindquarters are unclipped.

The Irish clip for equines in light work. They are turned out during the daytime. Such clipping is great for young equines that is easy to do.

7. Bib Clipping

The Bib clip needs less work to be done. You need just to remove hair from the front part of the neck and chest. Additionally, some horse owners remove the hair under the belly, where the cinch is placed.

That’s a perfect option for equines in light work. They are regularly turned out in winter. Most part of the coat is left so the animal can feel warm and comfy.

horse clips types
horse hair cuts on the ground

How to Clip a Horse?

  • Make sure your clipper works well. Check the cord and blade.
  • Set the cord so it doesn’t disturb your horse.
  • Oil your blade before using and during clipping.
  • Clean and dry your horse before clipping.
  • Feed your horse in advance to keep it calm.
  • Tie up a net with hay to keep the horse distracted.
  • Outline the clip with chalk. That will help to do the job seamlessly.
  • Band the mane if needed. This will prevent the hairs from getting into the clipper.
  • Prepare a grooming brush to remove the cut hairs.
  • Tie up your horse to keep him settled.
  • To avoid uneven patches of hair left on the coat, clip against the hair growth. Slightly stretch the skin with your free hand.
  • Hold the blade the way it goes flat against the equine.
  • Overlap the strokes for a neat result.
  • While working with whorls, move the blade every time so it still goes against the hair growth.
  • If the blade’s speed starts to slow down, take a pause. So the clipper can cool down. After they are cool, clean and lubricate them before using them again.
  • Brush your horse when you finish clipping. The comb with remove all the leftovers.
  • Use a coat conditioner if needed. Bath your horse before applying.
  • Cover your horse with a blanket to prevent him from getting cold.
  • Clean the clipper with a cleaning brush to remove leftovers.
woman clipping horse face

The Main Types of Horse Clippers

When choosing a horse clipper, pay attention to the product’s description. Check all the necessary info to know what you’re buying. It includes watt ratings, the number of strokes per minute, and the motor type. Depending on the motor power, the clipper can be suitable for a specific range of horses.

  • Light-duty horse clippers – great for short-haired equines. There are light and compact clippers. The device can be cordless or mains-powered.
  • Medium-duty horse clippers – ideal if you have more than two equines. They can handle short and medium hair. Such horse clippers can deal with feathers as well. They are a bit heavier than light clippers but still, quiet in use. Both cordless and mains-powered devices are available.
  • Heavy-duty horse clippers – best for equines with long or difficult hair. They are larger in size and may produce some noise. But such horse clippers won’t slow down when dealing with body clipping. Mains-powered clippers are more common.

In terms of purpose, the devices are divided into body clippers and trimmers. A body clipper deals with a horse coat. While a trimmer is made for small sensitive areas like ears and face. Body clippers tend to be more powerful than trimmers. As they need to handle thicker hair. Some machines are multi-purpose that are perfect for all-around horse clipping.

Pay attention, that to showing horses, there are strict rules regarding trimming and clipping. Check the host’s prescription so your equine can be allowed to perform.

As for the power supply, there are cordless and mains-powered clippers. The first type is a battery-powered device. They are usually made for light and medium work. They are quiet and easy to handle. While mains-powered can be noisy and vibrate well. Such equine clippers are made for all types of horses.

Pony having his legs clipped

How to Choose the Best Horse Clipper?

  • Look for the device that can handle your horse’s hair (light, medium, or heavy).
  • The more equines you have, the more powerful clipper you need.
  • Body clipping, trimming, or both? Answer this question and choose the appropriate gear.
  • The size of the clipper must be comfortable for you. Cordless clippers are smaller than main-powered ones.
  • Access to power. Battery-powered clippers are great if you have no plugs nearby.
  • Choose an equine clipper from a trusted brand. So you’ll end up with a quality tool.
  • Price matters. Heavy-duty clippers are pricey but they will serve you for long. The more powerful the device, the higher price you should expect.
  • Check the blades. It’s better to look for a clipper with detachable blades that are easy to find on the market.
  • Extra features. Some clippers come with a set of blades, a case, a cleaning brush, and others. That’s a nice extra to get.

What Are the Best Horse Clippers for Body Clipping?

We recommend heavy-duty mains-powered clippers for horse clipping. Check our winner – the ANDIS AGC2 2-Speed Clipper – that is best for all-around grooming. The 2-speed control system will help you to deal with tough and sensitive zones.

The Premier-1 4000c Clipper is also a great tool to consider. The high-torque motor deals with equines, dogs, and livestock. Such a device will stand you in good stead for sure.

The rest of our products are also top-notch options that are great for grooming and trimming. The Wahl Professional Clipper is a light and cordless device that is best for light work.

Best Horse Body Clippers Compared

two dressage horses performing

Clipping is an integral part of horse care. When it comes to grooming your companion, quality professional gear is needed. And the ANDIS AGC2 2-Speed Clipper is the very one. It’s durable and solid. The heavy-duty tool can be used for body clipping flawlessly. It’s suitable for most horse breeds including the American Quarter Horse and Arabian Horse.