The Rainbow Bridge For Horses Poem


Horse owners who have recently lost their horse can create their own version of the Rainbow Bridge, imagining their horse in a beautiful and serene environment. This can help them to heal and find comfort in the knowledge that their horse is at peace. Many horse owners even write poems or create artwork to honor … Read more

Is Silver Spray for Horses a Good Wound Care Product?

Is Silver Spray for Horses a Good Wound Care Product

Horses are prone to injuries due to their active and exploratory nature. Proper care and treatment of wounds are crucial to prevent infections, promote healing, and minimize scarring. It’s essential to clean the wound and use the appropriate dressing to protect it from further damage and reduce the risk of complications. That’s why no wonder … Read more

How to Desensitize a Horse – The Ultimate Guide

How to Desensitize a Horse

Every horse owner should be prepared for a case when their horse is spooked. When a horse is scared or startled, it may react by running away or bucking. Desensitizing and bombproofing a horse can help them overcome their fears. This way, the equines can enjoy time spent with people and other horses in a … Read more

Do Horses Get Fleas?

Horse scratching his back on a wooden fence

The horse is a mammal animal that is covered with thick fur, like cats and dogs. That’s why horse owners may be worried that their horses can get insects while spending time outdoors. So, do horses get fleas? Horses can get fleas but it is a relatively rare case. Fleas are tiny wingless insects that … Read more

30 Horse Memorial Ideas and Gifts

Horse Memorial Ideas and Gifts

Losing a horse is a heart-wrenching experience for any horse owner or rider. Horses are not just animals, they are beloved members of the family. Their loss can leave a deep emotional hole in the lives of those people who knew and loved them. Considering a horse memorial is a nice way to honor their … Read more

Why Do Horses Nod Their Heads – Head Movement Explained

Why Do Horses Nod Their Heads

You may notice that horses tend to nod their heads when walking. Some horse owners may think this is simply a horse’s way of shaking out the cobwebs, but this behavior actually serves an important purpose. So why do horses nod their heads? Horses nod their heads up and down as a means of communication. … Read more

Are Horses Loyal To Their Owners?

Are Horses Loyal To Their Owners

Horses are often considered to be loyal animals, and there is certainly a lot of evidence to suggest that horses can form strong bonds with their owners. For example, many horse owners report that their horses will come to them when called and will follow them around the stable. Some horses also seem to enjoy … Read more

Double T Saddle Reviews: Is It Worth Buying?

Double T Saddle Reviews

Double T Saddle Brand is a well-known and respected name in the equestrian industry. It offers a wide selection of high-quality products for horse owners and riders. Their saddles are particularly popular, known for their durability and comfort for both the horse and rider. So, should you buy a Double T saddle? Double T saddles … Read more

Can Horses Eat Zucchini and Its Leaves?

Can Horses Eat Zucchini

Equines are herbivorous animals, meaning they primarily consume plants as their source of nutrition. While they are known to eat a variety of different types of vegetation, such as grasses, hay, and grains, the question of whether or not horses can eat zucchini is not a straightforward one. So, can horses eat zucchini? Horses can … Read more

Can Horses Eat Corn Husks and Cobs?

Can Horses Eat Corn Husks and Cobs

Horses are herbivorous animals, meaning they primarily consume plant materials such as grasses, hay, and grains. Considering corn a plant, can horses eat corn husks or corn cobs? Horses can eat corn husks and digest this plant. However, a horse is typically fed in the form of corn kernels or ground corn. Corn husks are … Read more