Horse Snaffle Bits Review

When it comes to precise control, an uppermost horse bit should be considered. The results of our review show that the Myler SS Comfort Snaffle hits the first place out of 18. And that is because of its firm material and budget-friendly features.

Horse bits are a pretty essential piece of equestrian gear that is why it’s so important to find the right item. One of the most common types of horse bits is a snaffle bit. Especially if you’re a rookie rider, you will be probably faced with this gear whether you’re into Western or English style of riding.

This garment plays a high role in controlling your companion while a snaffle bit is claimed as a light type of bits. The gear will help you learn how to communicate with your partner applying gently moves. Thus we wrote down a list of top-level snaffle bits that are worth your attention.

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Top 5 Horse Snaffle Bits Comparison

Editor's Choice
Myler SS Comfort Snaffle

Myler SS Comfort Snaffle

  • Stainless steel
  • Loose rings
  • 4-3/4 inch size
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2Korsteel Regular Dee Snaffle Bit

Korsteel Regular Dee Snaffle Bit

  • Stainless steel
  • D-rings
  • 3 inch size
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3Korsteel Oval Link Copper Bit

Korsteel Oval Link Copper Bit

  • Copper mouthpiece
  • O-rings
  • 5 inch size
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4Weaver Leather Copper Bit

Weaver Leather Copper Bit

  • Stainless steel and copper
  • Eggbutt rings
  • 4-1/2 inch size
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5Reinsman Offset Dee Snaffle

Reinsman Offset Dee Snaffle

  • Sweet iron
  • D-rings
  • 5 inch size
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Best Horse Snaffle Bits Detailed Review

Not to feel confused with an enormous array of options on the market, here you can be totally focused on the finest snaffle bits right away. Sounds great, right? Just keep reading!

1 Myler SS Comfort Snaffle – Wide Barrel Tack

The Myler SS Comfort Snaffle comes in a loose ring design that is a great perk for a sensitive mouth. Being made with stainless steel, the snaffle is fairly solid and durable. In short words, the craftsmanship is flawless.

Key Features

  • The bit is made with stainless steel for rust resistance.
  • Copper barrel design on the 4-3/4-inch mouthpiece to promote salivation.
  • The mouthpiece consists of three parts for better control.
  • Soft bit design for fixed and comfortable placement.

Bottom Line

The Myler SS Comfort Snaffle is a great starter that will last for long. Being made with a wide barrel-styled mouthpiece, the gear improves salivation greatly which a good benefit. The bit comes in a big variety of sizes to fit your companion ideally.


  • Thin design
  • Improved salivation
  • Solid materials


  • May be chomped a little
  • Pricey

2 Korsteel Regular Dee Snaffle Bit – English Riding Bit

The Korsteel Regular Dee Snaffle Bit is a wonderful choice for beginners who just started horse riding. It has a great shiny look and improved durability due to the material used. This type is deemed as a mild snaffle so your horse will be calm with his brand new purchase.

Key Features

  • The snaffle bit is made with polished stainless steel that is quite solid.
  • D-shape design is used to improve comfort and avoid the horse being pinched.
  • The trendy look is a perfect addition to English riding.
  • The bit comes with 15mm thickness and the rings are 3 inch sized.

Bottom Line

The Korsteel Regular Dee Snaffle Bit is a perfect choice as a first bit due to its design. The D-shaped rings enhance comfort placement because they are set fixed. The gear provides an opportunity for lateral training which is a plus.


  • Great for beginners
  • Improved design
  • Sturdy materials


  • Not for Western riding
  • Not good for a sensitive mouth

3 Korsteel Oval Link Copper Bit – Loose Ring Tack

The Korsteel Oval Link Copper Bit introduces another type of a snaffle bit that is called as a loose ring. It’s particularly designed to reduce the pressure on the horse’s tongue for a more comfortable fit. The gear is claimed as a solid thick bit.

Key Features

  • It’s made with solid copper to resist rust and which is recyclable.
  • The 5 inch gear is designed specially to reduce gnawing.
  • The bit doesn’t harm the top of the mouth.
  • It’s placed softly on the tongue for greater comfort.

Bottom Line

The Korsteel Oval Link Copper Bit is a fascinating option if you’re looking for a smooth solution for your companion. The gear is loved by its durable material and non-chomp feature that is crucial throughout riding training.


  • Solid design
  • Great for English riders
  • Good for a soft mouth


  • May pinch a mouth a bit
  • Might be too thick

4 Weaver Leather Copper Bit – Egg Butt Gear

The Weaver Leather Eggbutt Copper Bit is a solid gear made by a well-known manufacturer. What is highly beneficial, this eggbutt-styled horse bit prevents pinching the horse’s mouth to enhance safety. The mouthpiece is fixed so it doesn’t spin in a mouth which is a great perk.

Key Features

  • The O-rings are made with stainless steel while the mouthpiece is made with copper.
  • The jointed 4-1/2 inch mouthpiece lays smoothly in a horse’s mouth.
  • The hinged 3-1/2 inch rings are designed to avoid pinching.
  • The gear doesn’t interfere with the process of salivation.

Bottom Line

The Weaver Leather Eggbutt Copper Bit is a firm tack gear that your partner may love. It’s popular for its barrel-head design that sets fixed in a mouth and doesn’t pinch. In addition, a mix of stainless steel and copper is used to improve the longevity of the product.


  • Durable materials
  • Fixed mouthpiece
  • Quite gentle


  • Mouthpiece should be improved
  • Not Western style

5Reinsman Offset Dee Snaffle – Twisted Dogbone Bit

The Reinsman Offset Dee Snaffle is another solid D-ring snaffle bit that features a twisted dogbone mouthpiece. It has a triple-piece design that places fairly solid on the tongue and enhances the rider’s control.

Key Features

  • The gear is made with sweet iron that promotes the horse’s salivation.
  • It comes with a 3/8 inch twisted dogbone design for extra bite.
  • The mouthpiece consists of three pieces for precise control.
  • The rings are 3-inch sized while the mouthpiece is 5-inch.

Bottom Line

The Reinsman Offset Dee Snaffle is another wonderful option for novice riders that crave after improved communication moves. In fact, the gear is grasped as a quite gentle snaffle bit so your companion may love it.


  • Precise control
  • Improved salivation
  • Three-part mouthpiece


  • May be thick a little
  • A bit pricey

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Does My Horse Need a Bit?

A horse bit is used to help a rider to control the horse’s speed and movements better. A horse bit is placed in the horse’s mouth in order to create a gentle pressure in it. Apart from that, some bits are designed to improve the horse’s salivation.

Depending on the style of riding and riding discipline chosen, there’s a wide range of horse bits. A snaffle bit is deemed as the most common type of horse bits, preferably used by English riders.

The main parts of the gear include a mouthpiece in the middle and a ring on each end of the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece puts the pressure on the horse’s tongue and bars, while rings put the pressure on the horse’s mouth.

What are the Main Types of a Snaffle Bit?

A snaffle bit is typically designed for the English style of riding. They come in different mouthpiece styles as well as thickness to fit different purposes. As you can see, there are various types of snaffle bits available on the market. That’s why we want to mention the most common types of gear.

  • D-ring (Dee-ring) snaffle bit or Racing snaffle is named because of the shape of the bit. Such ring design improves the placement of the bit. Typically, the mouthpiece consists of two parts with a joint in the middle.
  • Loose ring snaffle bit has O-shaped rings on both sides of the gear. It’s usually used for training horses who have a sensitive mouth. As the rings are round, there’s a chance of their rotating. That’s why bit guards are recommended to use as well.
  • Egg butt snaffle bit or Barrel head is similar to the loose-ring design, but the shape of the rings is close to an oval. So they sit more fixed and smooth in the horse’s mouth.
  • Full-cheek snaffle bit or Fulmer is made for more still placement by using long “arms” on both sides of the mouthpiece. So the gear doesn’t slide through and avoids pinching.
  • Half-cheek snaffle bit or Half-spoon features the “arms” being placed either above or under the mouthpiece ends, unlike the full-cheek bit. It’s claimed a bit safer because of less chance of getting caught in something. This snaffle is commonly used in driving and racing.
snaffle bit rings types

What are the Materials of Horse Bits?

Even though a horse bit is a tiny part of a horse headstall, it’s a crucial element of the tack gear. Thus, you should be aware of what this product is made from to choose the ideal fit for your horse.

  • Aluminum. An aluminum bit features as a budget-friendly option with a light design. However, it’s not the best option for sensitive horses, as the bit doesn’t encourage the horse’s salivation.
  • Copper. Generally, the mouthpiece can be made from copper, while the rings are stainless steel. The benefit of the material lies in softness and improving salivation features. Besides, copper has a taste that some horses may enjoy. However, copper is not as durable as stainless steel.
  • Rubber. Such bits are made with a metal piece, covered in rubber. Horses with a sensitive mouth may find this design softer and more enjoyable. On the other hand, the rubber mouthpiece could be too thick to be placed in the mouth conveniently.
  • Stainless steel. It’s the most popular material due to its durable feature. It’s affordable, and it resists to rusting. The downside is that the steel warms up slowly, so it could be uncomfortable for a sensitive horse to place a cold piece in his mouth.
  • Sweet iron. Unlike some of the materials, a sweet iron bit is intended to rusting. When the gear warms up, it gives off a “sweet” taste, which improves the horse’s salivation and may be suitable for sensitive horses. However, pay attention that the upper layer of some cheap sweet iron bits may start to come off, which is dangerous for the horse’s mouth.

How to Choose the Right Size?

Before you order the very first bit for your horse, you need to pick the proper size. Thus, here’s a guideline on how to choose the ideal horse bit.

Generally, you need to measure the length and width of the mouthpiece. The length of the piece equals the width of the horse’s mouth from one corner to another. There are two main ways of how to measure the width of the mouth.

The first one is to use a bit sizer, which is quite cheap and precise. It’s a plastic tool that resembles a regular ruler with inch increments on it. Just gently place it the horse’s mouth and read the measurements, that’s it.

horse bit sizer
A horse bit sizer

Alternatively, if you don’t have a bit sizer at hand, you can use a regular string or a rope and take similar actions. Put a string in the mouth and make two marks on it, where the corners of the mouth touch the string. Then use a ruler to find the length needed.

The next step is to check the width of the mouthpiece. You should measure the circumference at the thickest part of the piece. Now you get all the data needed to pick a horse bit.

loose ring snaffle bit size chart

What is the Gentlest Bit For a Horse?

The eggbutt snaffle bit is claimed as the gentlest horse bit. It’s due to its egg-shaped ring design, which doesn’t tweak the corners of the horse’s mouth. Such a bit is ideal for a young horse.


horse is staying calm

To sum up, a solid horse could ease your training immensely and bring more joy. What a little detail of equestrian gear but it plays a vital role in bonding with your companion. Choosing the right horse bit may enhance your controlling skills as well as bringing more comfort to the horse. That’s why it’s highly recommended to read the instruction of the bit before purchasing so you can find the perfect one that fits your needs and your horse’s peculiarities. How about our first-place product, the Myler SS Comfort Snaffle? This gear might be your ideal choice.

In fact, different styles of snaffle rings are provided in this article such as D-ring, loose ring, and egg butt. So you’re able to choose from the tiptop horse tack gear. As a bit is attached to a horse bridle, we offer you to consider buying a high-quality bridle as well.

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