Horse Saddles Review

Life’s a rodeo and all you have to do is stay in the saddle. And after we tested 18 equestrian saddles, we found out that the Acerugs Western Horse Saddle is the best one that will keep you sit tall for long.


  • Made with synthetic cordura material.
  • Thick padded soft seat.
  • Comfort fleece underside.
  • Sturdy fiberglass saddle tree.
Price updated on October 24, 2020

A horse saddle is a substantial part of any equestrian gear whether you’re a beginner or a professional. This necessary piece of equipment gives you more comfort, support, and control over your partner. The saddle encourages the rider to find the balance between the horseman and his horse.

That’s why we decided to highlight the most durable, cozy life-tested saddles that feature a wide range of colors and sizes. So you can enjoy the trendy style while riding safely.

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Top 5 Horse Saddles Comparison

Editor's Choice
Acerugs Western Horse Saddle
Acerugs Western Horse Saddle
  • Soft synthetic material
  • Fleece uderlining
  • Fiberglass tree
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2Wintec Full Quarter Western Saddle
Wintec Full Quarter Western Saddle
  • Equi-Leather square skirt
  • Full HQ bars
  • Hard-wearing fenders
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Leather Design
Acerugs Racing Saddle Tack Set
Acerugs Racing Saddle Tack Set
  • Wood base tree
  • Deep-sit design
  • Padded stirrups
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4King Series Synthetic Trail Saddle
King Series Synthetic Trail Saddle
  • Scratch-resistant material
  • Shock-absorbing design
  • Padded stirrups
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5Wintec Kids Saddle
Wintec Kids Saddle
  • In-built handle
  • Soft foam pannels
  • Double-girth design
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Best Horse Saddles Detailed Review

As the riders’ needs are quite different as well as horses’ characteristics, we’ve picked out the top 5 equestrian saddles that are beneficial for different horsemen purposes. Go on reading the detailed review of the products to find the most suitable one.

1. Acerugs Western Horse Saddle - Great Lightweight Saddle

The Acerugs Western Horse Saddle exhibits a great mix of style and comfort. Being designed with crystal and silver accents, it also features a memory foam seat that will bring you joy for long. The saddle is quite lightweight so it’s easy to handle and tack up.

Key Features

Bottom Line

The Acerugs Western Horse Saddle provides a big array of sizing options so it could handle the weight of 200lbs and more. It comes with a matching tack set so you don’t need to look for extras. The seat has a soft finish and the saddle is fleece inside to make it cozy for both the rider and the horse.



2. Wintec Full Quarter Western Saddle - Weatherproof Riding Gear

The Wintec Full Quarter Western Saddle comes in black and brown colors with several size options. It comes with full quarter horse bars so that means it’s designed for a horse with a wide-sized back. The buckles are weatherproof so the product could be used in any weather conditions.

Key Features

Bottom Line

The Wintec Full Quarter Western Saddle is a great double-fender fleece-lined geat that is easy to handle. Another perk is that the stirrups are easy to adjust. The saddle is quite easy to take care of, no oiling or waxing is needed.



3. Acerugs Racing Saddle Tack Set - Classy Leather Saddle

The Acerugs Racing Saddle is a high-quality western-style gear. It’s made with natural leather so it looks great and will last for long. The rounded skirt design is a perfect fit for short back breeds. There’s fleece under the skirt for maximum comfort for your horse.

Key Features

Bottom Line

The Acerugs Racing Saddle Tack Set is a fascinating equestrian gear that is comfy and durable. The leather hand carved design will definitely keep you in the spotlight. The thick foam seat padding and the back cushion help the horseman stay cozy for long hours.



4. King Series Synthetic Trail Saddle - Non-Slip Horse Riding Gear

The King Series Synthetic Trail Saddle could be a great option for long-term horse riding. It’s quite durable and lightweight that is easy to handle. The fenders are synthetic and scratch-free which is an awesome perk. The saddle features a suede finish of the seat for a comfortable ride.

Key Features

Bottom Line

The King Series Synthetic Trail Saddle is a perfect option for medium-size back horse breeds. The saddle features a padded suede seat and stirrups to keep the ride convenient. The skirt is neoprene and scratch-free so the gear will last for long. What a great choice for leisure and trail riding.



5. Wintec Kids Saddle - Solid Adjustable Gear

The Wintec Kids Saddle is a small saddle that perfectly fits your equestrian riders. The saddle is super lightweight and easy to tack up. The saddle is washable and easy to clean up. It comes with flexible fit panels that are suitable for ponies as well.

Key Features

Bottom Line

The Wintec Kids Saddle is quite soft and light so your kids could even carry it by themselves. This saddle is a fascinating equestrian gear for young riders. It comes with a handle and knee roll to make the ride more convenient and safe. In addition, the product is perfect for leadline classes.



Frequently Asked Questions

english saddles on fence

Why Do I Need a Horse Saddle?

A horse saddle is the very first thing you should consider investing in if you’d like to take up horseback riding. This equipment is an essential tack gear that is designed to serve many purposes.

First, it provides extra comfort when a rider is on a horse to avoid friction and painful bouncing. Second, horses tend to sweat thus a saddle has a moisture absorption feature. Next, riding bareback with no stirrups is complicated and extremely exhausting so a saddle will come in handy in this case too. That’s why rookie horsemen are recommended to use a horse saddle.

What Are the Main Types of Horse Saddles?

Horsemen tend to choose one of the horse riding styles – Western or English. Hence saddles are designed to fit this or that style. Here’s a list of major horse saddle types:

  • Western Saddle has a deep-seated design with a high pommel and cantle. Depending on what equestrian sport you choose, there’s a wide range of saddle options:
    • Barrel Racing Saddles
    • Pleasure Saddles
    • Roping Saddles
    • Trail Saddles
  • English Saddle is considered as a flat-seated tack with no horn, unlike western saddles.
    • All-purpose Saddle is great for jumping, hacking, trail riding, and other activities.
    • Close-contact Saddle is suitable for jumping, fox hunting, or eventing.
    • Dressage Saddle is obviously good for dressage.

To get more information, check out our detailed article on basic horse tack.

What Are the Materials of Horse Saddles?

Typically, horse saddles can be made with genuine leather or synthetic leather. Leather saddles are quite expensive but it’s definitely worth it due to its classy look and great longevity. Besides, there are lots of budget-friendly options – PU leather saddles that are easy to clean and the gear is available in dozens of sizes and colors.

How to Choose the Right Size for My Horse?

It goes without saying that different horse breeds tend to have various conformation, thus it’s crucial to pick the right saddle. Horses with defined narrow withers are suitable for semi-quarter saddles. Whereas a full-quarter saddle is a perfect choice for a horse with wide and rounded withers. For medium-whithered horses, there are quarter bars saddles. All of them differ in the style of a tree – the “skeleton” of a saddle.

How Should I Measure My Seat Size?

western saddle size chart example

To find put your seat size you need to take measurements of your body in a sitting position. Grab a soft fabric tape. Sit straight with your feet flat so your knees have a 45° angle shape. Measure the length of your thigh from the knee to the bottom using the tape. It’s better to choose the size a bit larger but not smaller in order to avoid sitting on the cantle.

In fact, if you’d like to switch from Western to English saddle, there’s an easy formula. If you want to get your English seat size, you have to add two inches to your regular Western seat size. The result is not accurate but very similar.

Barefoot Treeless saddles lexington sizing chart

How to Tack up a Saddle?

The process of tacking up Western and English saddles are quite similar. In order to bring more safety and comfort, you’ll need a saddle pad as well.

Generally, when you start placing a saddle on a horse, you should lift it up carefully and then start tacking it up smoothly. It’s better to put the saddle a few inches below the withers. So the edges of the saddle pad are shown from the both sides of a saddle. Another substantial aspect is setting the cinch / girth tightly so the saddle doesn’t wobble around.

You can also read the article on how to saddle a horse to check detailed guidelines.

Can I Ride with No Saddle?

The style of riding with no saddle is called bareback riding which is also popular worldwide. But this type requires good riding skills, coordination, and physical strength. That why it’s not the common choice among beginners. However, bareback riding has its perks too. It improves your movement, enhances your physical abilities, and strengthens the ties between you and your companion.


western saddle close up

In fact, the list of modern horse riding saddles could be endless, that’s why we highlighted the top-notch equestrian gear that could stand you in good stead for long. Particularly, the Acerugs Western Horse Saddle is a great choice if you’re looking for classy durable equipment.

While choosing a solid horse riding saddle (as well as a good saddle pad), keep in mind that it’s not just a good-looking decoration but a safety gear that should be comfortable both for you and your horse. Having read this detailed review, you could find the perfect product regarding your individual requirements.

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