Mare Gestation Calculator

Our Mare Gestation Calculator will help you to find out the approximate date when your pregnant mare may foal. The average gestation period for horses is approximately 11 months (320-330 days). This length of time is generally consistent across all breeds of horses. However, it is important to note that individual horses may have slightly longer or shorter gestation periods, and in rare cases, a mare may carry a foal for longer or shorter than the average length of time.

Foaling Calculator

Due Date:

Horse Gestation Calculator Fields

  1. Breeding Date: The date the mare was bred, which is the starting point for calculating the due date. This is the only required field.
    • Luteal Phase Length: The length of time from ovulation to the start of the next estrous cycle. This information is important in determining the exact due date, as the length of the luteal phase can vary from mare to mare.
    • Confirmation of Pregnancy date: Confirmation of mare pregnancy can be achieved through ultrasound or hormone testing. This information is important for determining the exact due date, as the date of conception can be estimated based on the results of these tests.
    • Horse Age: how many full years your horse has.
    • Horse Weight: Your horse’s weight in pounds.
    • General Health: Information about the mare’s health should be recorded to help ensure a healthy pregnancy.

    Important Note: This horse gestation calculator should be used as a foaling date estimation tool for horses in informational proposes only. It is highly recommended to consult with a veterinarian for personalized recommendations and to regularly monitor the mare throughout her pregnancy. is not responsible for problems or injuries arising from the use of this calculator or for any inaccuracy in the foaling date estimation.

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