Przewalski’s Horse Facts

Przewalski Horse grazing

Przewalski’s Horse is a rare horse breed that is about to extinct. Such horses are commonly seen in wild nature. There are some debates regarding Przewalski’s Horse origin. Here’s a detailed overview of Przewalski’s Horse breed. We included interesting facts about the horse that might wow you. What Is a Przewalski Horse? Przewalski’s Horse is … Read more

Hackney Horse Facts

bay Hackney Horse running

The Hackney Horse is a breed that is easy to recognize. Owners like its graceful appearance and high-stepping trot. Hackney Horses are great for both riding and driving. This article reveals interesting facts about the Hackney Horse breed. What Is a Hackney Horse? The Hackney Horse is a British horse breed. It was bred to … Read more

Colorado Ranger Horse Facts

Colorado Ranger Horse running

The Colorado Ranger is a horse breed that came from the Colorado High Plains. The horse is easily recognized by its good-looking leopard-spotted coat. The Colorado Ranger influenced other breeds including the Quarter Horse and Appaloosa. This article reveals interesting facts about the Colorado Ranger breed. Colorado Ranger Horse History The Colorado Ranger is one … Read more

Belgian Horse Facts

Blond Belgian draft horse galloping

Horses of extreme height and weight are out of this world. And the Belgian breed is a great representative of popular draft horses. This article reveals interesting facts about Belgian Horses, their temperament, and characteristics. Belgian Horse History The Belgian Draft Horse breed came from Brabant in Belgium. It’s one of the strongest horse breeds. … Read more

Morgan Horse Facts (Temperament & Characteristics)

Morgan Horse stallion exercising

The Morgan Horse is a well-known breed in the USA. It was one of America’s first horse breeds. Morgans have a solid breed history behind their back. This article reveals interesting facts about the Morgan Horse breed. Check it out to get if this horse is right for you. What Is a Morgan Horse? The … Read more

Turkoman Horse Breed Facts

Turkoman Horse on post mark

The Turkoman Horse or Turkmene is an extinct horse breed. It’s an Oriental horse from the steppers of a desert called Turkoman. The Turkoman partook in breeding a range of horses. It influenced many breeds including the Akhal-Teke Horse, Thoroughbred, Yomud, Goklan, and Nokhorli. Here’s a review of the Turkoman Horse breed and its interesting … Read more

American Standardbred Horse Facts

rider and her Standardbred Horse

The Standardbred Horse is a breed of horse well-known in the USA. It a race horse like the Thoroughbred and the Quarter Horse. It stands out with its distinguishing features. This article reveals interesting information about the American Standardbred Horse breed. What Is a Standardbred Horse? The American Standardbred Horse is commonly used in harness … Read more

Missouri Fox Trotter Gaits and Temperament

white Missouri Fox Trotter

The Missouri Fox Trotter stands out with its beautiful gait and conformation. Looking for a good-looking horse that is calm and relaxed? You’re on the right page. We made an ultimate review of the Missouri Fox Trotting horse breed to be considered. Missouri Fox Trotter Facts What is a Missouri Fox Trotter? The Missouri Fox … Read more

Kentucky Mountain Horse Gaits and Temperament

chocolate Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse running

The Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse is a breed derived from Kentucky, United States. It stands out with its ambling four-beat gait. Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horses were primarily used as companions for farm work and trail ride. Here’s a detailed review of the Kentucky Mountain Horse and its characteristics. Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse History The Kentucky … Read more

Rocky Mountain Horse Colors and Temperament

Rocky Mountain Horse is running

Rocky Mountain Horses are spellbinding equines. People adore this horse due to its distinguishing color and good tempo. Let’s plunge into the breed characteristics to get more about the Rocky Horse. What Is a Rocky Mountain Horse? The Rocky Mountain Horse is a breed developed in the United States. Rocky Mountain Horses are well-known for … Read more