Horse Riding Breeches for Kids

We bet you want to provide your kid with a comfortable sit, the TuffRider Lowrise Breeches are the way to go. This top-notch product is chosen from 18 pairs for its great durability and stretchable fit.

You think your child is ready for horseback riding? Then it’s time to gear up! Not only a head and feet should be protected but the rest of the body too. So considering a comfy pair of breeches is not an exception. There are lots of types of equestrian trousers such as breeches, jodhpurs, and tights that are designed a bit differently but for one common reason – to provide the best comfort for the rider. That’s why we prepared a list of five-star riding breeches for kids so the young riders could be satisfied for long.

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Top 5 Horse Riding Breeches for Kids Comparison

Editor's Choice
TuffRider Lowrise Breeches

TuffRider Lowrise Breeches

  • Cotton/spandex fabric
  • Velcro ankles
  • Reinforced grip
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2FitsT4 Kids Riding Tights

FitsT4 Kids Riding Tights

  • Polyester/spandex fabric
  • Adjustable waistband
  • Faux leather knee patches
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Absorption Design
Ovation Four Pocket Breeches

Ovation Four Pocket Breeches

  • Polyester/viscose fabric
  • Lycra ankles
  • 4 pockets
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4ELATION Kids Riding Breeches

ELATION Kids Riding Breeches

  • Cotton/spandex fabric
  • Alos leather knee patches
  • Classy design
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5HR Knee Patch Silicone Breeches

HR Knee Patch Silicone Breeches

  • Silicone knee patches
  • Adjustable ankles
  • Zip pocket
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Best Horse Riding Breeches for Kids Detailed Review

Check out the following detailed review of the top 5 horse riding breeches to pick the best option for your little adventurer. Here, you’ll find quality products to any taste.

1 TuffRider Lowrise Breeches – Super Durable Gear

The TuffRider Lowrise Breeches is a product of a well-known equestrian brand that is highly reputable for dozens of avid horse riders. These kids’ breeches are popular for their great flexibility and soft fabric. The gear also features foot elastics that are very convenient to use.

Key Features

  • Made with cotton and spandex to stretch well.
  • Lowrise design with a false fly, the belt loops are attached.
  • Velcro ankle closures for a comfortable fit.
  • The soft knee patches have the same color as the main fabric.

Bottom Line

The TuffRider Lowrise Breeches is a wonderful equestrian gear that is quite durable and comfortable. The reinforced knee pads will provide a good grip and solid protection. The garment comes in a big range of color and size chart so you’re able to find the perfect pair.


  • Elastic and breathable
  • Belt loops included
  • Machine washable


  • Not adjustable waist
  • Could be long

2 FitsT4 Kids Riding Tights – Extra Flexible Wear

The FitsT4 Kids Riding Tights are designed to fit tight and set free your moves. The fabric is sweat absorbable to keep the rider dry during the long ride. The drawcord waistband is made to provide a super adjustable fit for comfortable riding. Great option for schooling and riding.

Key Features

  • Made with polyester and spandex to improve flexibility.
  • Drawstring midrise waist to adjust the fit ideally.
  • Eco-suede knee patch design to grip well.
  • No seams on the seat zone to avoid friction.

Bottom Line

The FitsT4 Kids Riding Tights are extremely light and comfortable for everyday horse riding. The 4-way stretchy fabric helps you improve your mobility. The elastic waistband is a great feature if you want to stay cozy for long. Different vivid colors are available to keep your child in the spotlight.


  • Great for beginners
  • No seat seams
  • Easy to wash


  • The fabric should be improved
  • No pockets

3 Ovation Four Pocket Breeches – Memory-Stretch Breeches

The Ovation Four Pocket Breeches are well-known for their high-quality design and non-sleek look that boys prefer most. They come with belt loops to keep the fit snugly and pockets to store your items during the ride. The gear is easy to wash so you don’t have to worry about the maintenance.

Key Features

  • Made of polyester and viscose with velcro ankles so they stretch well.
  • The garment comes with a front zipper and belt loops.
  • The microfiber fabric absorbs moisture to keep you comfy in a saddle.
  • There are 2 front and 2 back pockets to store your stuff.
  • The synthetic suede knee patches improve the grip immensely.

Bottom Line

The Ovation Four Pocket Breeches is an awesome choice as equestrian gear for boys that is designed to fit them ideally. Front zipper, 4 pockets, and belt loops are great extras to the product. Great breeches to enhance protection and comfort during the ride.


  • Retains shape
  • Great for beginners
  • Absorbs well


  • Warm for summer
  • Could be long

4 ELATION Kids Riding Breeches – Classic-Styled Gear

The ELATION Kids Riding Breeches is a fascinating garment for both girls and boys who are into horse riding. They are rather stretchable and breathable cotton breeches that will definitely fit snugly. What a great mix of classy design and comfortable sit that fits schooling, riding, and shows.

Key Features

  • Made with cotton and spandex for better adjustability.
  • The sleek and comfy pull-on design provides better freedom of movements.
  • The gear comes with a false zip and a button for a classic look.
  • Alos leather knee patches are reinforced for a perfect grip.

Bottom Line

The ELATION Kids Riding Breeches will definitely stand you in good stead in a variety of equestrian activities. The stretchy design provides a better fit so you can easily wear them on a daily basis with no probs. The faux leather kneed pads with reinforced stitching will help your kid stay clingy in a saddle.


  • Great for beginners
  • Adjustable waistband
  • Sleek design


  • Seams should be improved
  • Sizing may not match

5 HR Knee Patch Silicone Breeches – Silicone Grip Wear

The HR Knee Patch Silicone Breeches have a fancy pull-on design with vivid colorful gripping. The material used is quite soft and breathable so they could fit different weather conditions. The garment features silicone knee pads and a crown print so your little rider will look stunningly, no doubts.

Key Features

  • Low-mid rise design with a wide waistband for better comfort.
  • The gear comes with silicone knee patches for an excellent grip.
  • The ankles are adjustable to improve the fit.
  • Machine washable soft and stretchable fabric is used.

Bottom Line

The HR Knee Patch Silicone Breeches are known for their comfort and adjustable features. In addition, the silicone grip improves the confident seat. The gear comes with a zipper pocket so you can keep your items safely during the ride. It comes in different bright colors to keep a young lady at the forefront.


  • Zip pocket
  • Silicone grip
  • Elastic sock bottoms


  • Not good for hot weather
  • No belt loops

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Does My Kid Need Horse Riding Breeches?

If your children are into horse riding, you have to be sure that they feel comfy in a saddle and nothing distracts them. Thus, we recommend considering quality equestrian gear like horse riding breeches for kids.

Such equestrian breeches differ from regular pants as they provide more comfort and flexibility. Riding pants for kids have no inner seams in order to avoid discomfort friction. Moreover, the garment comes with leather / faux knee pads to enhance the grip.

What is the Fabric of Horse Riding Breeches?

Nowadays, there’s a wide range of horse riding pants for kids with various designs to bring extra durability and breathability. These features help your child sit in a saddle for long and move easily.

The most popular riding breeches for kids are cotton because they are light and breathe well. Apart from that, there is also some polyester / spandex fabric that is quite stretchy and it’s easy to clean.

How to Choose the Right Size of Breeches for My Kid?

The process of choosing the right size of riding pants is quite the same as you pick an ordinary pair of trousers for your kids. You just need a soft fabric tape to take measurements.

Generally, equestrian manufacturers provide their customers with a size chart and instructions you should follow to pick the perfect size. The common measurements are the waistline, hips, knees, and inseam (the inner length from the crotch of the breeches to the bottom of the gear).

children horse riding breeches size chart

What Are the Main Types of Riding Pants?

In fact, horse riding breeches are not the only kind of riding pants, they are the most popular though. Here’s a list of common types of riding pants:

  • Riding jeans – with a high waist and snug ankles.
  • Riding breeches – mid-calf pants suitable for tall boots.
  • Riding jodhpurs – long snug ankles suitable for short boots like paddocks.
  • Riding leggings – stretchy and breathable, seamless design.

Check out our article on basic equestrian equipment to find out more about horse riding garment.

Can My Kid Wear Jeans for Horse Riding?

Well, if your little rider is a fan of Western style, you can try wearing jeans. But you have to be aware that regular pants might be non-suitable for long-term horseback riding.

The reason lies in that ordinary jeans have inner seams that are distracting when your kid is in a saddle. Moreover, it’s not recommended to wear baggy jeans as they may be pinched during the ride which can lead to accidents. But if you still want to put on your everyday jeans, it’s better to wear tall boots with them.


girl is posing on a horse

Horse riding breeches are an integral part of an equestrian gear for any horseman, especially when it comes to young riders. While choosing the best horse riding equipment, well-known and tested products should be considered. No matter what equestrian gear you’re looking for, adults or kids, you should pay attention to different aspects such as stretchable and breathable fabric used as well a variety of extras like foot straps and pockets would be a plus.

Therefore, a solid pair of horse riding trousers as the TuffRider Lowrise Breeches have to enhance the rider’s safety and comfort during adventurous equestrian activities.