Saddle Pads For Horses (Western & English)

Horse Saddle Pads Review by

A solid pad plays a crucial role in distributing pressure, absorbing shock, and preventing discomfort during horseback riding. It’s also a necessary piece of tack for various types of horse shows and competitions. We tested saddle pads designed by different brands and for a range of purposes. And after conducting experiments with them, we created … Read more

Horse Girths Review

man tightening up girth

Choosing a proper horse girth ensures the comfort and safety of your companion as well as the rider. From saddle stability to optimal airflow, the right girth comes with solid benefits. This ultimate review provides expert advice and essential tips for finding the perfect fit. A horse girth (English style) or a cinch (Western style) … Read more

Horse Grooming Kits Review

young rider do horse grooming

Grooming is a paramount aspect of horse care to keep your companion looking great and promote their healthy state. This process requires a set of brushes, scrapers, and other items that are suitable for various horse body parts. All the grooming supplies make up a kit to provide excellent care from the shoulders to the … Read more

Horse Trailer Camera System Review

Best Horse Trailer Camera System Review

Horse trailer camera systems will come in handy when you’re trying to hitch up your trailer. It’s also a useful tool when you’re backing into a tight spot and need a wider view. Horse trailer cameras are ideal for safety and will give you some peace of mind as you travel down the road with … Read more

5 Best Dressage Saddles Review 2022

Best Dressage Saddles Review

We find the Wintec HART Isabell Dressage Saddle the best solution for your horse due to its quality and features. This horse tack fits ambitious and professional riders as the price is quite affordable. The Wintec dressage saddle is highly ranked for its grippy seat and perfect balance. A dressage saddle is one of the … Read more

5 Best Grazing Muzzles for Horses

Best Grazing Muzzles for Horses

After we tested 12 grazing muzzles for horses, we found out the Weaver Leather 65-2346 Grazing Muzzle showed the best results. It’s durable, lightweight, and sits snugly. With the Weaver grazing muzzle, you’ll easily control your horse’s grass intake on the pasture. Do you have a horse that likes to overeat? Do you worry about … Read more

5 Best Automatic Horse Waterer with Heater Review

brown horse is drinking from ritchie waterer

Your horse needs up to 10 gallons of water every day.  But severe frost may be a problem, thus, an automatic waterer with a heater, like the Ritchie Omni Fount, is must-have equipment in your barn. This perhaps the best automatic horse waterer grabs 1st place in our review, but the other four are also … Read more

Best Horse Saddles Review (Western & English)

Horse Saddles Review by

Life’s a rodeo and all you have to do is stay in the saddle. And after we tested 18 equestrian saddles, we found out that the Acerugs Western Horse Saddle is the best one that will keep you sit tight for long. Keep reading for a detailed saddle review as well as other options. A … Read more

Best Horse Clipper Review

woman is trimming horse mane

Make clipping fast and easy with a quality grooming tool. After testing 14 clippers on 5 different equines, we concluded that the ANDIS AGC2 2-Speed Clipper grabs the 1st place. That’s a professional horse clipper with excellent features. Clipping is an essential part of horse grooming. Quality tools make the process more pleasant and the … Read more

Horse Blankets Review

Horse Blanket Review by

Horses should be kept properly in various weather conditions, and a solid horse blanket may come in handy. Thus, 36 different horse blankets and sheets were tested, and 5 uppermost products get to our top list. And the Tough 1 Waterproof Horse Sheet takes the 1st place with its durable and waterproof design. Horse blankets … Read more