Best Horse Saddles Review (Western & English)

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A quality saddle serves as a vital link between rider and horse, embodying a seamless bond of time-honored tradition and groundbreaking innovation. In the saddle, riders discover more than just a seat; it becomes a means to communicate with their equine companions, fostering trust, balance, and mutual respect. In this comprehensive guide, we outline the … Read more

Horse Blankets Review

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When the biting winter winds start to blow and snow blankets the ground, a horse’s well-being becomes paramount. More than just a fancy accessory, horse blankets play a vital role in protecting equines from harsh elements. We prepared this comprehensive guide based on our thorough review of the top five horse blankets worth considering. Horse … Read more

Horse Bridles Review

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A well-fitted bridle helps to communicate with your equine effectively and ensures a safe riding experience. This guide explains the importance of using bridles and provides useful tips to help you select the ideal tack that offers proper control and connection with your horse. We tested Western and English bridles and after thorough review, outlined … Read more

Saddle Pads For Horses (Western & English)

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A solid pad plays a crucial role in distributing pressure, absorbing shock, and preventing discomfort during horseback riding. It’s also a necessary piece of tack for various types of horse shows and competitions. We tested saddle pads designed by different brands and for a range of purposes. And after conducting experiments with them, we created … Read more

Horse Girths Review

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Choosing a proper horse girth ensures the comfort and safety of your companion as well as the rider. From saddle stability to optimal airflow, the right girth comes with solid benefits. This ultimate review provides expert advice and essential tips for finding the perfect fit. A horse girth (English style) or a cinch (Western style) … Read more

5 Best Dressage Saddles Review

Best Dressage Saddles Review

We find the Wintec HART Isabell Dressage Saddle the best solution for your horse due to its quality and features. This horse tack fits ambitious and professional riders as the price is quite affordable. The Wintec dressage saddle is highly ranked for its grippy seat and perfect balance. A dressage saddle is one of the … Read more

5 Best Grazing Muzzles for Horses

Best Grazing Muzzles for Horses

After we tested 12 grazing muzzles for horses, we found out the Weaver Leather 65-2346 Grazing Muzzle showed the best results. It’s durable, lightweight, and sits snugly. With the Weaver grazing muzzle, you’ll easily control your horse’s grass intake on the pasture. Do you have a horse that likes to overeat? Do you worry about … Read more

Horse Protective Boots Review

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Looking for a horse gear for injury recovery or its prevention? Here’s a great solution, the Weaver Leather Athletic Boots. Having a comfortable design and providing a heat therapy feature, this product beats its 16 competitors with no probs. Horse boots are vital horse tack equipment as it provides a variety of features as such … Read more

Horse Snaffle Bits Review

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When it comes to precise control, an uppermost horse bit should be considered. The results of our review show that the Myler SS Comfort Snaffle hits the first place out of 18. And that is because of its firm material and budget-friendly features. Horse bits are a pretty essential piece of equestrian gear that is … Read more