Shire Horse: Size and Facts Revealed

Shire Horse is running

The Shire is a British horse breed that features its extra-large size. There are even more interesting facts about these horses. Thus, we made up this breed overview to get more information about the Shire Horse temperament and characteristics. What is a Shire Horse? The Shire Horse is a horse breed derived from the UK. … Read more

American Paint Horse Temperament and Characteristics

Paint Horse playing around

The American Paint Horse is a popular horse breed in the US. The breed is easy to distinguish among other equines. Let’s get all the nitty-gritty of American Paint Horses. What Is a Paint Horse? The American Paint Horse originated from the United States. That’s a horse breed that features its white spottings on dark … Read more

Mustang Horse Temperament and Characteristics

Mustang Horse is running in meadow

The Mustang Horse is a living symbol of the United States. The breed tends to herd in isolated populations spread all over the states. Here’s a detailed overview of the Mustang Horse breed and its characteristics. What Is a Mustang Horse? The Mustang is claimed free-roaming horse breed. Mustangs descended from domesticated equines, though they … Read more

Tennessee Walking Horse Temperament and Characteristics

Tennessee Walking Horse with pinto pattern

The Tennessee Walking Horse is another tremendous horse breed with its distinguished features. Here’s a detailed overview of the horse breed for your consideration. Check the equine’s temperament and conformation. What Is a Tennessee Walking Horse? The Tennessee Walking Horse is also called the Tennessee Walker. The breed derived from the southern United States. It’s … Read more

Clydesdale Horse Price and Characteristics

Clydesdale horse is running

The Clydesdale Horse is a draft horse with its distinctive features. It’s one of the biggest horse breeds with a weight of 2,000 pounds. So, how much does a Clydesdale Horse cost? The Clydesdale Horse price goes from $2,500 to $5,000. That’s an average price for a healthy young horse. The cost of a Clydesdale … Read more

Fjord Horse Temperament and Characteristics

Fjord horse is running

The Fjord Horse is a small horse breed that is easy to recognize. The Norwegian Fjord Horse, the Fjording, or the Fjord came from Norway. It’s a compact draft breed that is quite powerful. The Fjord Horse is one of the oldest breeds in the world. And it’s still very popular for its kind temperament. … Read more

Arabian Horse Characteristics and Temperament

Arabian Horse mare and foal

The Arabian is also called the Arab horse. The breed came from the Arabian Peninsula in Western Asia. It’s one of the most popular horse breeds all over the globe. Wars and trade provided the worldwide spreading of the breed. Horse breeders have been used the Arab Horse to create new breeds. They are loved … Read more

Andalusian Horse Facts (Temperament and Characteristics)

golden brown andalusian horse runs free

The Andalusian or the Pure Spanish Horse (Pura Raza Española) is a relatively old breed. The equines were used as cavalry horses and ranch horses. The breed is loved for its graceful and luxurious look. It’s an athletic breed that is commonly used in a range of equestrian sports. Jumping, pleasure riding, trail riding is … Read more

Friesian Horse Temperament and Characteristics

black Friesian horse runs gallop

The Friesian is truly out of this world. This horse breed is associated with grace and beauty. With its marvelous history, the equine is a favorite among horse owners all over the world. The horse is easy to distinguish due to its stunning features. Let’s get the nitty-gritty of the Friesian Horse. Friesian Horse History … Read more

Appaloosa Horse Temperament and Characteristics

Appaloosa Horse is jumping on meadow

Horses with a spotted coat will grab your heart right away. These are Appaloosa horses, the horse breed that is well-known in the United States. The equines have distinctive features that make them unique and extremely gorgeous. Here’s a detailed Appaloosa horse profile to find if this breed is right for you. What Is an … Read more