Haflinger Horse Facts That Will Surprise You

Haflinger Horse is jumping on beach

The Haflinger is a horse breed that is loved for its gorgeous look and friendly temperament. The best description of this horse is little but mighty. We compiled a list of fascinating facts about this equine. Let’s get the hang of such a horse breed. What Is a Haflinger Horse? The Haflinger Horse is also … Read more

American Quarter Horse Price: How Much Does a Quarter Horse Cost?

quarter horse is posing close up

Wondering what a Quarter Horse price is? You’re in the right place. Frankly, there’s no firm price on a Quarter Horse. However, the tag ranges from $2,000 to $50,000 and even higher! Don’t forget that keeping a horse also requires constant spendings. An American Quarter Horse is one of the most popular horse breeds. They … Read more

Arabian Horse Price: How Much do Arabian Horses Cost?

Purebred chestnut arabian stallion playing

Do you wonder about an Arabian Horse price? Well, you need to know that there’s no fixed price for such an in-demand horse breed. However, the range is between $5,000 to $10,000 that changed due to loads of factors. Arabian horses are among the top ten horse breeds globally for their unmatched endurance, beauty, intelligence, … Read more

The Difference Between a Quarter Horse and a Thoroughbred

Thoroughbred horses racing

Various breeds have their individual characteristics that influence their treatment, care, and training. In the world of horse racing, it’s crucial to know the breeds’ conformation and endurance level to evaluate their worth at the competition. Thus, we’d like to highlight the critical difference between American Quarter Horse vs Thoroughbred. Both a Quarter Horse and … Read more

How Much Do Different Horse Breeds Weight

shire horse resting on ranch

As people have different body types, the same goes for horses, different horse breeds tend to gain various weight. Moreover, a horse’s weight is changing throughout his life due to lots of factors. But in fact, every horse breed has got their inherent weight range that is claimed as normal. The average weight of an … Read more

The Largest Horse Breeds in the World

Horse rides and transport to the car park

Horses have been bonding with humans for many decades so far; people tend to use them for various purposes. Nowadays we use these graceful and powerful creatures mostly for working and riding. As sundry activities require different skills, a wide range of horse breeds are used in various fields. Moreover, people selectively breed horses to … Read more

Most Popular Horse Breeds in the World

Common Horse Breeds

There are dozens of horse breeds and all of them, no doubt, have their pros and cons, they could be taken advantage of for different purposes. Thanks to modern technologies, we are capable of selecting new breeds in order to come up with new species that are more productive and durable. Some of them are … Read more