What Is the Best Horse in RDR2 Online?

Many players in the online game Red Dead Redemption 2 are wondering what horse is best in RDR2 online. There are a lot of breeds to choose from. Some horses might be better at certain things than others. In this article, we will discuss RDR2 horse breeds and how to take care of them. We’ll also go over the different types of horses that you can unlock with money or by completing missions.

What Is the Best Horse in RDR2 Online?

The Missouri Fox Trotter is claimed the RDR 2 best horse. The breed features good Health and Stamina from the starting point. The Missouri Fox Trotter has a maximum Stamina of 120 and a Health of 110. It is an amazing horse to saddle up for any type of player in RDR 2 online.

The Missouri Fox Trotter is a fast horse. The Speed can be easily leveled up from 7 to 9. However, Acceleration stats go only from 5 to 7. Another downside of this RDR 2 horse breed is its price. The Missouri Fox Trotter costs $950, which makes the breed an expensive horse. You have to get a high level to afford this RDR 2 best horse.

The American Standardbred is another great choice if you’re looking to pick up one of the best horses in RDR Online. The starting stats are decent, with 80 Stamina and 70 Health when fully grown at Lvl 15. With better speed, this best horse in Red Dead Online can be used as a racing or battle mount. This will depend on your playstyle.

The American Standardbred price in RDR 2 online is $130 (Black and Buckskin coat colors). The Palomino Dapple American Standardbred will cost you $150. While Silver Tail Buckskin American Standardbred is worth $400.

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RDR2 Horse Breeds

There are 19 horse breeds that can be found in the online game Red Dead Redemption 2. Here, you can find a horse for any purpose. Whether it’s as a racehorse or as an all-around ranch mount. Horses come in different colors and sizes from the RDR 2 best horses to the terrible ones. There are over 60 coat colors that make the horses diverse.

In terms of stats, there are six top breeds that stand out: Appaloosa Horse, Arabian, Andalusian, Standardbred, Akhal Teke, and Shire Horse. Each breed has its own strengths and weaknesses when compared with other mounts. If your character is looking for speed – then they need to pick either Friesians or Arabians to be successful on the battlefields or during. At least until you acquire the best horse in RDR 2 online.

Here are short descriptions of the common horses in the Red Dead Redemption 2 online. This will help you to pick the best horse for your needs.

1. American Standardbred

The American Standardbred is a very fast horse breed. It’s perfect for crossing large areas. But it might not be the best for combat or heavy hauling jobs. You can find this type of horse in all locations except West Elizabeth. However, it spawns commonly where there are roads and flat land to travel on. That means you should see them more often than some other RDR horses.

American Standardbred rdr2

The main challenge with the American Standardbred animal is that it has low stamina. So if you plan to go cross-country on your steed, make sure they have had enough rest before setting out.

2. Arabian Horse

The Arabian Horse is one of the best horses in Red Dead Online. This breed is lightweight and very fast. It’s also easy to maneuver, which makes it an excellent choice if you want an RDR horse for hunting or escaping enemies. The Black Arabian can be found only in San Danis. It will cost you a pretty penny – $1050. The Black Arabian is available at level 70. The horse is loved for its strength and ability to take turns on dirty terrains.

Arabian Horse rdr2

You will find this breed in the swamps of Lemoyne as well as the West Elizabeth region. The common locations are rocky terrain areas. Arabian Horses can be found all over New Hanover too. Like other horses, don’t forget to check your Arabian Horse’s stamina before setting out on any long journeys.

3. American Paint Horse

The American Paint Horse may not have high base stats but it grows very fast. The horse breed reaches peak levels quickly compared to other horses. This makes the American Paint Horse perfect for early game players. Especially if they plan on exploring before completing missions/unlocking more advanced mounts.

American Paint Horse rdr2

The American Paint Horse is a perfect choice for players who are seeking an all-around horse. The breed is claimed the strongest work horse in RDR 2. It’s available at level 55. The stats are the following:

  • Health – 2;
  • Stamina – 2;
  • Speed – 4;
  • Acceleration – 4.

You can get the American Paint Horse for 17 Gold Bars.

4. Appaloosa Horse

You can’t go wrong with the Appaloosa Horse if you’re looking for a work horse in RDR Online. The horse features an initial Stamina of 40 and Health of 30. It has enough Stamina to stay in combat longer than other breeds. The cost of the Appaloosa Horse is $130, which is average.

Appaloosa Horse rdr2

The Appaloosa Horse can be found in four various coat colors in the game. Some of the colors can be purchased while others are found among wild horses. Go to the Wapiti Indian Reservation in Ambarino to look for the Blanket Appaloosa Horse. Another common location is by Cattail Pond in the Northwest of West Elizabeth. The horse breed can also be spotted in Cholla Springs in New Austin.

5. Turkoman Horse

The Turkoman Horse is another exceptional RDR 2 horse breed. It has a Stamina of 100 and a Health of 80. The Turkoman Horse is great for PvP modes, but it’s also perfect to ride in RDR Online single-player mode. The horse speed allows you to move quickly around the map.

Turkoman Horse rdr2

The Turkoman Horse features high initial stats across all important categories – Stamina, Speed, Acceleration, Steering, and Brake. This makes Turkoman one of the best Red Dead Redemption horses. The horse is loved for its agility and toughness.

However, the Turkoman Horse is available at level 56. And the price is $925 which is quite expensive.

War Horse rdr2

Red Dead Redemption 2: How to Get War Horse?

To get a War Horse in RDR 2, you have to complete the main story quest “American Epilogue – Part I.” After completing this mission, a stranger will visit your camp. You can purchase a War Horse for $1950 from him.

The war horse is one of the most powerful horses in RDR Online mode. And it has high health points too. The initial stats are Stamina 99, Health 100, Speed 87, Acceleration 82, Cornering 80, Steering 79, Brake 78, and Drift 79.

Another option is the Pre-Order Bonus. If you get this Bonus for the Ultimate Edition, you’ll receive a code for a War Horse. Just enter the code and you’ll get your War Horse. But you won’t get that horse as soon as you enter the game.

You have to reach Chapter 2 and accomplish the “Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego” mission. In that mission, you’ll be helping Hosea Matthews. He will lead you to the horse stables in the town Valentine. Once you check the horses, you’ll find out the Ardennes Horse costs 0 dollars for you. This option is available only for those who got the Pre-Order Bonus.

You can also get a War Horse at the Strawberry Stable and Van Horn Stable. There, you can purchase the Andalusian Horse. Mind that war horses are pricey in RDR 2 Online. The cost ranges from $100 to $400.

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5 Best RDR2 Streamers on Twitch

The top-notch streamers create catchy channels with a Twitch overlay template and alert to attract more followers. While all RDR2 streamers are unique in their own way, here are five for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s their entertaining commentary, amazing gameplay. Or simply because they’re just fun to watch, these RDR streamers will keep you entertained for hours on end.

1. MrDeadMoth

If you’re looking for an RDR2 streamer that is both hilarious and informative, look no further than MrDeadMoth. This twitch streamer has been playing Red Dead Redemption since the very beginning. He knows the game inside out. Not only does he provide great commentary, but his skill level is also top-notch. If you’re looking to improve your RDR gameplay, watching MrDeadMoth stream is a must.

2. RDR-Online

This streamer focuses on the competitive side of the game. The Twitch channel is dedicated to providing viewers with high-quality Red Dead Redemption content. It ranges from tips and tricks to full-blown tournament coverage. If you’re looking to step up your RDR skills, be sure to check out RDR-Online’s Twitch channel.

3. SoloQKing

SoloQKing is one of the most entertaining RDR2 streamers on Twitch. His commentary is hilarious and always provides great insights into the game itself. RDR-Online not only has great RDR content, but also an amazing community. You’ll get to know SoloQKing and his viewers quickly if you check out the RDR streamer on twitch today!

4. Red Dead Review

Red Dead Review is another one of the best RDO streamers. Hes’ worth checking out for its unique spin on RDR gameplay videos. This channel covers everything from horse racing tips to full-blown playthroughs. So there’s definitely something here for everyone interested in learning more about the game itself. Watch some of Red Dead Redemption 2 review streams today.

5. Kisaplaysgames

If you’re looking for a female RDR2 streamer with high-quality video games, Kisaplaysgames is the one you want to watch. This Twitch streamer has a large following. She is always pumping out great content for her viewers. If you’re looking for RDR2 gameplay tips or just some general entertainment, be sure to check out Kisaplyaysgames.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Get the Best Horse in RDR2?

A Missouri Fox Trotter can be purchased at the stables of Blackwater or Scarlett Meadows. The horse breed costs $950 which is pricey. A Missouri Fox Trotter is available since you reach the epilogue after Chapter 6. You can purchase this horse breed in various coat colors. The Amber Champagne Foxtrotter can be found at the Scarlett Meadows Stables. While the Silver Dapple Pinto is located at the Blackwater Stables. The Silver Dapple Pinto is the only free option that can be found.

Where to Find RDR2 Horse Locations?

You can find a wild horse in RDR 2 in several locations. The common ones include the central Heartlands and the Cumberland Forest. Also, look for horses around the woods near the Wapati Reservation in The Grizzlies. If you’re wondering how to find the White Arabian in RDR2, go to Lake Isabella near Colter.

What Is the Fastest Horse in RDR2?

If you are looking for a fast horse with high Stamina, try to get the American Standardbred. With a maximum Stamina of 120 and Health of 100, it is one of the best horses in RDR online. It has an amazing Speed level from the beginning – it starts at 12.

Another great RDR online horse breed is the Arabian Horse. This horse can be unlocked by finishing all three Stranger missions in Chapter Two: “A Fisher Of Men” (the last mission). The highest possible stats that this RDR horse has are Health 110 and Stamina 130. Its starting speed is 11. This makes this RDR Arabian Horse ideal for players who seek fast mounts to help them complete various tasks quickly.

White Arabian Horse rdr2

How to Get White Arabian Horse RDR2?

The best free RDR 2 horse is the White Arabian. To get the White Arabian RDR 2 online, go to the western bank of Lake Isabella. It’s the North-West on the map. Take a look around to find the White Arabian. You might spend more than one day getting it. No worries, go to sleep at night and come back the next day.

Once you spot the Arabian Horse, you must approach slowly to it. Use a slow walking pace and hold L2 to focus on the horse. While approaching, don’t forget to calm the horse. Otherwise, the White Arabian may run away.

Keep going till you reach the “Mount Horse” button available. It will appear at the bottom right on the screen. Once you mount the White Arabian, it’s not the end. You need to break the horse (read below). When you accomplish this, the horse is yours.

You have to untack the saddle from your previous horse and put it on the White Arabian. If you want to keep your previous horse, bring it back to the town with stables. Whistling or lassoing should help you to keep the horse near you.

How to Break a Horse RDR2?

To break a horse in RDR 2, you need to ride it until the game prompts “Press R-Trigger to break your horse”. It will happen when both of you are already tamed.

Once it is tamed, just whistle for the White Arabian and use the L+R button (Left Stick + Right Stick). The prompt should appear on the screen now. Just press the R trigger after that.

You can give a name to your new horse. In case you want a personalized name rather than the default one. This also happens during ridding with breaking effects. Where there’s no time left for the naming or untackling process. You can rename any horse at Novigrad Stables by paying $15 gold pieces along with some other charges like feeding an additional carrot etc.

How to Feed Horse RDR2?

To feed a horse in RDR 2 Online, you have to ride a horse and then press the Triangle/Y button. This will open up the inventory menu, along with the rations option in it. Press the R trigger after that. Or just scroll down to rations from L+R buttons.

Now when rations are selected, they will appear on-screen for selection along with their quantity in your possession. Just choose what you need and press the X/A button again. Follow it by confirming the “OK” prompt appearing at the bottom right corner of the screen. Just use the R trigger once more.

Instead of going back to the main equipment tab from where you came here initially, go ahead. Make a choice between browse equipment (Triangle/Y) or store the current weapon (Square/X).

What Is Horse Insurance RDR2?

Horse Insurance is a concept featured in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online. You can get the horse insurance in the first mission of the “Red Dead Online Story”. The first plan is free of charge. But if you want to get horse insurance for your other horses, you need to pay $125 per horse.

Why do you need horse insurance? Well, it’s beneficial for keeping your horse cared for. Your horse will recover faster, it will always be fed and cleaned. In case your horse is downed, you don’t need to use the horse reviver. With insurance, your equine will be healed automatically.

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Red Dead Online Best Horse Revealed

There are many factors that go into determining the best horse in RDR2 Online. The player’s skill level, style of play, and specific needs. They all come into play when choosing the best horse. But for those looking for one solid recommendation on a trusty steed with both speed and stamina, there is no better choice than the Missouri Fox Trotter. This horse has enough endurance to keep up with even the most demanding players. While still being able to sustain high speeds over long distances. But it’s not the only RDR horse breed you should consider. We compiled a list of the top-notch horse breed so you can pick your equine companion.

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