How Much Do Farriers Make?

When you get a horse, you should look for a trusted local farrier.

The farrier cost depends on the county you live in and the service you need.

So, how much do farriers make? Farriers earn $20,000 to $50,000 per year. If the smith works with superb racehorses, their annual salary may reach $100,000 and more. Horse smith service costs a pretty penny. One visit is around $200. However, the price could go as low as $30 – that’s the cost of horse trimming.

A farrier offers a variety of services with different price tags. Let’s get all the nitty-gritty of the farrier’s job.

farrier is nailing the horseshoe

Who is a Farrier?

A farrier is a professional who works with horses. When the equine needs to get its hooves checked, the farrier is the man. Such a profession requires expert knowledge on how to put on horseshoes and nail them. The smith deals with trimming a horse too.

Farriers are generally self-employed who work freely in a barn. You should make an appointment to visit your farrier at his place. When you describe what you need, the professional will estimate the cost and time spent on your favorite horse.

You can ask for a call out and the farrier will come to you to trim or shoe your horse. In this case, you may expect an additional fee but some farriers don’t charge for the trip. As they are self-employed, they are typically free from a specific barn or company. Thus, they are more flexible to have a visit.

The job of the farrier is worth the hats off. A person is expected to gain both blacksmith and vet skills to provide excellent hoof care. The first occupation deals with making and applying shoes. The second one deals with the speed’s anatomy and behavior. Both these areas of study is a must to succeed in the profession of the farrier.

A farrier and a blacksmith are different specialists that meet various responsibilities.

horse is looking at the farriers work

Blacksmith and Farrier – What’s the Difference?

There’s an opinion the blacksmith and the farrier are the same experts. But actually, they are quite different. These are two separate occupations that have some aspects in common. Let’s get the hang of it.

A blacksmith is a professional who works with iron and metal. By forging the metal, they produce a wide array of products. This includes professional tools, furniture, gates, weapons, grilles, sculptures, and much more tremendous stuff. Blacksmiths were highly in demand in the Middle ages to create and fix armaments and armor.

Nowadays the person may come in handy for more peaceful needs. A blacksmith earns about $50,000 – $100,000 per year. The income depends on their skills, location, the number and complexity of the orders, etc.

A farrier is an expert who deals specifically with horses. Yes, they also work with metal but in order to make handy stuff for hoof care. Farriers work with steeds so they should know how to get the excellent hang of them. The equine should stay still while shoeing and trimming. Thus, the man should know how to fix the limb’s position and do no harm. And the blacksmith skill is just a part of their solid experience.

farrier is removing the horseshoe

How Much Does a Farrier Cost?

Depending on what type of service your horse needs, the price is different. For instance, a full set of new horseshoes costs about $100. If you need just a pair of front shoes or hind shoes, the cost is $50 per pair. The nails to put the shoes on a horse is worth $1 each. The same price goes for each of the stud holes (they add extra grip and protect the horse).

If your horse needs extra support and protection, you may consider top-notch hoof pads. The price tag is worth $40-$50. You may pay at a rate of $30-$100 for horse trimming. If you want to call out the farrier, add at least $20 as a trip charge. You’ll fork out up to $200 per visit for all the shoeing and trimming.

Factors That Affect the Farrier Service

  • Experience. It’s the top-priority aspect to consider. How long has the farrier been working for? Full-time or part-time job? It’s fine to ask the professional these questions.
  • Education. Has the farrier gained brilliant education? How long and where has the man gained knowledge? Are they still taking some courses? Continuous growth is a great sign of broadening someone’s horizons.
  • Certification. Is the farrier certified? How reputable is the organization (local or international)? Certification can give you some proves the farrier has got a proper education.
woman farrier is working with a horse

So How Much Do Farriers Make?

The average income of a farrier ranges from $20,000 to $50,000 a year. This sum can vary due to a range of crucial factors. If the smith is well-experienced who works with professional racehorses, they earn $100,000-$200,000 and even more. The salary is different in various regions.

Moreover, a farrier has a list of expenses to cover each month. These are the following:

  • Vehicle. It requires the regular cover of constant filling up, splendid maintenance, and trusted insurance.
  • Insurance. For you, your horse, your vehicle, and property.
  • Equipment. Protective solid gear on the like of gloves and boots needs constant replacement to keep you safe while working.
  • Tools. A farrier works with a range of professional inventory including shoes, nails, pads, forge, etc.
  • Education. Constant skill improvement is a great attitude of a professional farrier. Professional learning and getting certified need solid fund.
  • Advertising. Constant promotion helps to grow up. Running a website, sharing on social media and message boards, and printing business cards should be considered.
farrier is cleaning the horse hoof

The Bottom Line About Farriers

We should respect farriers for their significant work with horses. The smith plays a significant role in maintaining your horse’s hoof health. They help you to keep your companion comfy and protected. You may be advised to put sturdy protective boots on your horse when getting to the farrier.

A farrier is a person who is good at blacksmith and vet practice at once. They should be excellent at making shoes and putting them on the equine with no issues. Such a profession requires accuracy, calmness, determination, and friendliness to animals. Farriers generally have a flexible schedule working full-time or part-time.

The farrier service cost differs in various states and counties. The same goes for their income and regular expenses. When looking for a superb smith, check their experience, education, and certification.

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