Christmas Horse Book

Ho-ho-ho! Christmas joy is coming! We’re pleased to introduce our Christmas Horse Book and Christmas Horse Cards. It’s made with huge love and passion for horses. Hope this little gift will spruce up your holidays.

The Christmas Horse Book includes an article revealing Christmas horse barn decoration tips. So your hooved friends can feel the jolly spirit too. Besides, you’ll find a horse cookies recipe for your four-legged pals. This Christmas treat is awesome as it’s easy to make. Let’s sprinkle the horse yummies with new festive colors!

Horse Christmas Cards is a spellbinding gift for dearest and nearest. We’ve created fancy cards for horse lovers to add to your gift. We wish you lots of happy hooves!


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festive holiday barn cookie jar

Decorating Barn for Christmas

Christmas is a blissful holiday when everything around is sparkling and rustling. Don’t let your horses stay dimmy these days. Let’s add some Christmas sparkles to the barn too!

Before you start grabbing all the Christmas-related knick-knacks, plan ahead how you want the barn to look like. And you definitely don’t want to turn the place into a ball of blinding lights. A wise strategy is needed. Here are some go-to tips to consider.

Let There Be Light

The first step to spruce up the barn is to get the Christmas lights. Check for LED lights as they are cooler (white color) and they are electric bill friendly. You can set the lights all over the barn or make fancy figures with them. Choose the accent wall and create a centerpiece on the like of a snowman, Santa, or a bust of your hooved pal!

Keep in mind that safety is the utmost aspect when decorating the barn. Make sure all the cords are hidden and anti-chew. Ideally, the lights should be decorated the way your horse can’t reach for them.

Add More Trinkets

If Christmas lights are not enough for you, no probs, there are even more options. Garland may come in handy as a budget-friendly decoration. These beaded threads come in a variety of colors. Silver, gold, red, white, and blue are especially in demand.
Drape the garland over the barn and don’t be shy to mix the colors. Every corner and every post is friendly to such decoration. And again, bear in mind your hooved pal. Don’t let him eat all the garlands. Alternatively (or additionally), you can use ribbons to spice up the barn.
Don’t overdo with the garlands as there’s other stuff you can use. No Christmas can go without stockings! Take a few of them and hang out the stockings all over the barn. You can hide Christmas treats there for your four-legged buddy. Besides, it would be nice to embroider your horse’s name on the stocking – if they’ve behaved themselves, of course.
two teddy bears on a wooden bench

Make a Scene

If you’ve got enough space, so why not create a stupendous Christmas scene at the nook of the barn? A wide array of characters could be involved – anything that will make you chuffed to bits this holiday. For instance, you can place an Ox as the symbol of 2021.

Add some candles and garlands to make the scene hygge. You can also place a chair so your guest could take spellbinding photos of your composition.

Add a Wreath

Another significant Christmas doodad is a wreath. You don’t need lots of them, just hang one or two in the spotlight. It’s better to put a wreath outside the barn, not inside. As if the wreath contains seasonal plants, they may be poisonous to horses. Watch your hooved friend not to approach the decoration.

Alternatively, you can make a DIY wreath and add the “ingredients” you desire. In the case of using improvised means like paper, cotton, fabric, home plants, you’re likely to knock off its price, which is a plus. Make sure the wreath is far away from candles, just in case.

Let’s Have a Ball

You can turn the whole burn into a Christmas tree by adding various Christmas balls. Drape the balls over the premises, the more the better. Make a garland with a thread and the balls or spread them separately, it’s up to you. There’s a bunch of figures that can be found on the market. Find some horse-related Christmas decorations and your barn will be at the frontline, hands down.

girl and pony with wreath near the small wooden house

Don’t Forget About the Barn Inhabitants

Now the barn is geared up for Christmas, but what about your hooved friends? Why not take a Christmas photo shoot with classy dresses? You’ll definitely have a pleasant holiday by “awing” at your pet dressed as a Rudolf. Or as a Grinch, or an Elf. Wish you lots of happy hooves!

composition of horse cookies and a cookie cutter

Christmas Horse Cookie Recipe


  • Oats – 1 cup.
  • Whole wheat flour – 1 cup.
  • Carrot – 2 pcs.
  • Molasses – ⅓ cup.
  • Banana – 1 small pc.
  • Peppermint – 7-8 pcs.


Take a large bowl and mix all ingredients in it except the candies. Preheat the oven – set 375°F. Crush the peppermints and pour it into a cup. Cover the baking sheet with baking paper. Use a spoon to make little balls from the cookie dough.

Spread the balls all over the baking sheet. Use a spoon or fingers and press the balls a little to make them flatter and cookie-like. Alternatively, you can use cookie cutters to cut out fancy figures. Put the cookies into the oven and bake them for 10 minutes.

Take the yummies out of the oven and cover them with crushed peppermints. Let them cool. And voila, delicious Christmas horse cookies are ready to go! Watch your hooved friend enjoys his Christmas treats.

Horsezz Christmas Book Card

Season’s Greetings from Horsezz

Rein in a happy holiday! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Get your hooved friend toasty this winter by covering them in a cozy horse blanket.