20 Celebrities Who Ride Horses and Own Horses

Many celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Viggo Mortensen, and Johnny Depp ride horses passionately. Did you know that some of them even own a horse or two? Some celebrity riders even compete in equestrian events. These are Western and English styles, including barrel racing, dressage, and show jumping.

Horse ownership can be expensive, but for these celebrity horse lovers, the cost is worth it. Here’s the list of 20 celebrities who ride horses and own horses to check what horse breeds they prefer.

20 Famous Celebrities Who Love Horse Riding

1. Kendall Jenner

You recognize Kendall Jenner as a model and reality TV star who is best known for her outstanding role in Keeping Up with the Kardashians. But the girl is also a passionate fan of horseback riding. Kendall Jenner started horse riding from a young age, and she continues to ride today. In fact, she even owns her own horse, a 14-year-old Hanoverian named Blueberry. Kendall competes in show jumping competitions and has won several awards.

Jenner isn’t the only celebrity rider in her family. Her sister Kylie also rides and owns horses. The two equestrian celebrities on horses have even competed against each other in show jumping events.

2. Olivia Bowen

Olivia Bowen is a British reality TV star. She rose to fame after appearing on the UK show “Love Island.”

Bowen is an avid horse rider, and she owns her own horse, which she frequently posts about on Instagram. Bowen has said that she’s been riding horses since she was a child.

In 2018, Bowen took part in the celebrity charity event, “The Ride of Their Lives.” The event saw a group of celebrities that ride horses for 100 miles over the course of four days to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

3. Mary-Kate Olsen

Mary-Kate Olsen is an actress, fashion designer, and businesswoman. The horse girl started horse riding when she was just five years old and began competing in dressage competitions when she was nine. Olsen has won several championships and is a member of the United States Dressage Federation.

She owns several celebrity horses, including a 13-year-old Hanoverian named Licorice, who she competes on in dressage competitions. Her twin sister Ashley sometimes rides horses as well. You can find these celebrities with horses having fun on their private ranch.

4. William Shatner

William Shatner is an actor, author, producer, and director. He is loved for his role as Captain James T. Kirk in the Star Trek franchise. William Shatner is one of the ​​best horse riding actors who has been riding horses since he was a boy.

William even competed in barrel racing events when he was younger. The equestrian celebrity is into the Western style of riding. He owns several horses that he keeps on his horse farm in Kentucky.

Shatner has also written a few books about horse riding, including “Up Up and Away” and “Horse sense for people who don’t know squat.”

5. Viggo Mortensen

Viggo Mortensen is an actor, author, musician, photographer, and painter. The world-recognizable actor is best known for his role as Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Mortensen took up horse riding while filming The Lord of the Rings, and he’s been hooked ever since. He owns several horses that he keeps on his ranch in New Zealand.

When Viggo isn’t busy acting or riding horses, he enjoys painting pictures of them. In 2010, Mortensen had an exhibition of his paintings at the William Siegal Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Mortensen has written outstanding books about horse riding, including “The Horse Is Good” and “Letters to a Young Actor.”

6. Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco is a well-known American actress best known for her role in the sitcom “The Big Bang Theory.”

Cuoco is an experienced equestrian and has been riding horses from a young age. She owns several horses, including two that she rescued. In 2018, Cuoco competed in the celebrity horse-racing event, “The Clothes Horse Cup.” The event raises money for children’s charities. Cuoco has also said that she would like to open her own horse rescue ranch one day.

7. Eve Jobs

Eve Jobs is the daughter of Apple founder Steve Jobs. She is an accomplished equestrian and has won multiple championships. In 2018, she competed in the Longines Global Champions Tour. This is a prestigious horse-racing event that takes place in various cities around the world. Eve Jobs is also a member of the U.S. Equestrian Team.

Jobs owns several horses, including two that she rescued from slaughterhouses. In 2016, she founded The Someday Farm, a horse rescue and sanctuary in California. The farm rescues horses from abuse and neglect and gives them a forever home.

8. Jasmine Johnson

Jasmine Johnson is the lovely daughter of the actor and former wrestler Dwayne Johnson. Jasmine is only 6 years old as of 2022, but she’s already a young equestrian. She participates in several horse-riding competitions.

Jasmine has two horses: Zora and Picasso. Zora is a 14-year-old American Paint Horse. Jasmine rescued her from being sold to a slaughterhouse. Picasso is a 12-year-old Holsteiner gelding that Johnson bought in 2016.

Since Jasmine is still a minor, her father, Dwayne Johnson, owns the horses on her behalf. However, it’s clear that Jasmine loves and takes care of her equine friends.

9. Bella Hadid

The model Bella Hadid is not only a world-known fashion model but also an excellent equestrian. She started horse riding when she was only four years old!

Bella owns several horses, including an American Paint Horse named Lily and an Arab horse named Mandingo. In one of her interviews, Bella said that she would love to have a ranch with lots of equines.

Her sister Gigi is also into horse riding. The two sisters used to ride together when they were kids. However, Gigi had to give up horse riding after she was diagnosed with Lyme disease. Bella Hadid is often seen at various horse-riding competitions. She even won a few championships.

10. Morgan Freeman

The famous actor not only loves horses but also owns several of them. You can find him featured in the list of top-shelf actors who are good horse riders as well. Morgan lives on a 124-acre ranch where he keeps about 15 horses. Most of his equines are Thoroughbreds, and he even has a few Arabians.

Freeman is an excellent horse rider. He often competed in various competitions and even won a few championships. In one of his interviews, Morgan said that he loved the smell of horses and the sound of their hooves hitting the ground.

11. Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts is riding a horse
Image Source: pbs.org

The famous Hollywood actress owns several horses. Julia loves spending time with her horses and often takes them for rides around her ranch. Julia Roberts’ horses are ideal for barrel racing – the Western discipline that Julia loves to compete in. The woman owns several Quarter horses and even has a few Arabians.

Julia filmed the movie “Wild Horses of Mongolia” where she showed off Mongolian horse breeds. The woman was living in the local tribes during the filming. She was getting the hang of the Mongolian people’s culture and their attitude to horses.

12. Jeremy Irons

The British actor is an avid horse rider. He often goes on long rides and even participates in competitions. Jeremy Irons has won several awards for his horse riding skills. The actor owns a horse Paddy, and he claims the equine is one of the actor’s best friends.

13. Kacey Musgraves

The American country singer is obviously a big fan of horses, especially Shetland ponies. Kacey Musgraves owns several mini horses and competes in rodeos. The artist often posts pictures with her horses on social media.

14. Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt

The celebrity daughter is a big animal lover. Katherine often posts about her rescue dogs on social media, but she also owns a horse. The girl is also an animal rights advocate and often speaks about the topic. Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt’s horse’s name is Cinco. The celebrity already introduced her hooved friend to her daughter Lyla Maria.

15. Madonna

Madonna is one of the most thriving and discussed musicians in the world. The artist is also a big fan of horse riding. Madonna owns several horses and often posts about them on social media. Daisy Trayford and William Fox-Pitt are some of the most respectful horse trainers who were leading Madonna on her horse riding journey.

Unfortunately, Madonna got into a horse riding accident with an unfamiliar horse, where she ended up breaking her eight bones. But soon after, the celebrity announced on her social media that she got back on track.

16. Johnny Depp

The actor is not only a celebrity but also a producer and a musician. He owns several horses and often rides them with his kids. The celebrity owns an American Paint Horse named Rocky.

Johnny Depp was also featured in several movies interacting with horses. In the movie Sleepy Hollow, he played the role of Ichabod Crane, who was a constable. The character was terrified of horses, which made for a very entertaining scene.

17. Richard Hammond

Richard Hammond and horse
Image Source: bbc.co.uk

Richard Hammond is best known for his role in the show Top Gear. He is also a writer and a presenter. Hammond owns several horses and often goes horseback riding with his family. You can even spot Richard horse riding in one of Top Gear’s episodes.

18. Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II is the longest-reigning respected monarch in British history. She has been ruling for over 68 years now. The queen is also an avid horse lover and a horse owner. In fact, she has won several championships in horse riding. When Queen Elizabeth II was only four, she got her first horse – a Shetland pony named Peggy.

19. Selma Blair

Selma Blair is an American actress, model, and director. Selma is also into horseback riding. She owns two horses – one named Pete and the other one called Arthur. In 2021, the famous actress got back in the saddle after the sclerosis symptoms let her off.

20. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is an American singer, actress, and songwriter. The celebrity owns a stallion named Trigger. She loves horse riding and even posted a video of herself galloping on the beach. She states riding a horse gives her power, and she feels out of this world.

Equestrian Celebrities that Ride Horses Revealed

You may wonder how many famous people are fans of horseback riding. It is interesting to know that some of them are keen horse riders and owners. Some mentioned celebrities who ride horses even created a separate business around their passion for equines. Others use horse riding as a way to relax and relieve stress. Whatever the reason is, it is great that these people can share their love for horses with the world.