Why Do Girls Like Horses More Than Guys? (7 Reasons)

Girls love horses so much as these animals provoke positive emotions in women. Horses represent freedom, power, and grace. They are also beautiful creatures that can be tamed and ridden. These beautiful animals provide a sense of calmness and serenity to their riders. In addition, horseback riding is an excellent form of exercise that provides many health benefits. Girls should definitely get into horses if they want to feel confident and free.

Horses have been around for centuries but why do girls like horses more than guys? Because horses are associated with acquiring strength, beauty, gracefulness, and speed. Horses are symbols of freedom. This may attract females who desire liberation from societal norms or restrictions.

Equines also demonstrate power. It’s something that appeals to many women since they are often the minority in the workforce. Females are drawn to horses because they can provide a sense of calmness and serenity. Unlike guys who sometimes come across as too rough or boisterous.

girl is kissing her horse

Why Do Women Like Horses?

We compiled a list of 7 reasons why women like horses so much.

1. Loyalty

Horses are known for their loyalty and devotion. This can resonate with females who value those traits in their relationships. Just like horses, women want a partner or friend that they trust. Who believe they will love them unconditionally.

2. Protection

Horses have a natural ability to fight off predators and protect themselves from danger. Women admire this quality. It reminds them of how strong they can be if they embrace the power within themselves. Instead of looking outwardly for validation or approval.

3. Intelligence 

Equines also demonstrate intelligence through their use of body language when communicating needs. They include food, shelter, etc. Girls may relate to this behavior by observing signs around their environment (like people’s actions). This signifies what she should do next in life. It’s based on what they’re trying to say without actually saying anything at all.

blonde girl stroking a brown horse

4. Bond

Horses can be trained using positive reinforcement and rewards like sugar cubes or carrots. Women believe that good things come from doing nice things for others (especially men). This will result in them feeling wanted/loved back again later down the road so long. As there’s an ongoing exchange between both parties involved.  This makes sense considering horses are also domesticated animals just like humans.

5. Socialization

Horses are herd creatures. This means they live together in groups called herds. Women tend to form close bonds with other female peers. That is one of the women’s major psychological strengths. Creating social bonds is important for a young woman. They share similar interests too. Whether it’s through sports teams at school or work-related activities outside of the home.

Equines often travel together in search of food and safety from predators. While remaining close enough. So that they can alert each other if danger approaches. As well as provide comfort during times. When one may feel frightened or stressed out about something else happening around them. This could be an upcoming exam day or even just having too much homework due on Monday morning.

6. Good Company

Horses are also very social creatures. This means women tend to form close bonds with these types of horses than men. Because horses have been known to be good listeners. These animals understand what their owners want before asking questions themselves. This could explain why horses always seem so happy. This is especially true for female equestrians. Since many times horseback riding lessons taught by male instructors focus mainly on teaching boys how to ride horses.

7. Care

Women have a natural taking-care instinct. This makes horses their ideal pet. As horses require a lot of care and attention. Girls work hard to give their companions the best life they deserve. From feeding horses to cleaning horses to grooming horses. Both physical and emotional work is needed for horses to be happy. Women practice the same skills as they use for their families.

A well-cared horse will repay its owner with deep affection and loyalty. Many people can only dream of such an experience.

woman walking with brown horse

Why Is a Horse a Great Companion?

Competition horses have been proven to be excellent companions. They can create a bond with their owners. It’s as deep as the horse’s relationship with its mother. Girls and horses often stay together for life, even after the horse’s competition days are over. This means girls get an incredible lifetime of memories from owning a horse.

Horses give girls unique opportunities to grow and learn valuable skills. They will last forever in their future careers and personal life. These include:

  • A sense of responsibility. As children mature into adults, they need to take care of themselves first before others. Having a pet teaches them how important it is to look after their own needs first. So they can then help others in need too. Understanding this concept early on makes kids more responsible and capable individuals as they grow older.
  • Patience. Owning horses isn’t always easy. Especially when there are problems that need to be fixed. Kids learn how to be patient when trying to solve these issues. This is a skill that will come in handy many times during their lives.
  • Leadership skills. Horses can be very temperamental creatures at times. They often test their riders’ limits. This gives kids the opportunity to learn how to lead and handle difficult situations with poise and assurance.
  • Endurance. When out on horseback rides, kids have to continuously stay alert for any obstacles or dangers lurking ahead. They also have to keep up with the horse’s pace. So they don’t get left behind. This boosts their endurance and teaches them perseverance.
  • Focus. Kids at a young age have to be extremely focused when riding horses. Because horses can sense any trace of fear or uncertainty from their riders. This is why it’s important for children to feel comfortable around horses. They should keep a clear head at all times.

girl is galloping on horse

The Important Benefits of Horseback Riding

In addition to horses providing an emotional outlet, horseback riding is also great exercise. It affects your physical strength and helps improve balance, posture, and coordination. In case women feel threatened, bonding with horses may bring more self-control.

Horseback riding is especially beneficial for young girls. Because it helps them become more confident in their abilities as they grow older. Another benefit of horseback riding is the opportunity to socialize with other horse riders. This can be especially advantageous for teen girls who may not have many friends. They could tend to build influence with other girls over time.

Apart from riding, there’s a hippotherapy that involves horses. Hippotherapy helps improve balance, coordination, strength. As well as mobility in people with neurological conditions or injuries. Horse therapy is great for kids from a very early age. Patients may become horse owners over time.

Bonding with such powerful animals brings an outstanding connection with nature. It’s a great opportunity for kids to learn about horses and enjoy their company.

If you want your girl to become more confident, consider buying her horse riding classes vouchers. Girls find horse riding empowering when they handle horses. Also, make sure she has the best horseshow tailcoat and riding helmet to be always safe when riding horses.


We mentioned the top 7 reasons why women love horses more than guys. Horses provide a great sense of freedom, they’re good listeners. Riding horses can be very therapeutic for girls and women. Something that many girls need in their hectic lives. Next time you see a girl out at the stables, don’t be surprised if she’s smiling from ear to ear. She’s probably enjoying every minute of it.