Horse Years Compared to Human Years Chart

Equines have a horse age that is different from a human’s. This means horse years are not the same as human years. This article will help you compare horse and pony ages to human age. Here, you’ll find a chart of horse years compared to human years.

How Old Is a Horse in Human Years?

There are approximately three human years for every one horse year. This means that a person’s lifespan will be nine times longer than theirs.

An adult horse is roughly equivalent to a human age of 21 years old. A pony would be about 13 or 14 in horse age. This corresponds to the approximate age of a human being who’s seven or eight. Pony and horse ages are not based on their birthdays but rather how long they live past this milestone birthday.

If you want to know how many horse years it takes for your horse to grow up, then you need only take his current horse lifespan into account. This will give you an idea as to whether he’ll still be around when your own children reach adulthood (or vice versa).

Horse Years to Human Years Chart

Here’s a chart that explains how to convert horse years to human age.

Horse Years to Human Years Chart

How Many Years Does a Horse Live?

Horses live an average of 25-30 horse years. Horses that are around the age of four to six horse years can be considered adults. But their horse lifespan is not yet nearing its end.

A horse at the age of one or two horse years typically has a short life expectancy. It’s unlikely for them to reach adulthood without experiencing some sort of hardship first.

There are many factors that affect the horse’s aging. These include the horse’s size, genetics, nutrition, and environmental factors. Here are major tips to follow:

  • To keep your horse healthy and wealthy, the bigger part of the diet should include hay and grass.
  • Provide your equine with regular farrier and vet checks. In case you notice your horse feels sick, contact the vet immediately.
  • Clean the horse stalls and outside shelters regularly. They should be friendly to the climate and weather. The barn should be well-ventilated with enough lighting.
  • Like humans, horses need to do exercises. Take your companion for rides or, at least, turn them outside.
  • Clean and bath your horse when needed. Pay special attention to the horse’s teeth, mane and tail, and hooves.

All the tips mentioned above will help you keep your horse healthy for long.

How Old Is an Adult Horse?

An adult horse is usually considered to be four or five years old. A horse that was bred for leisure riding purposes is recommended to turn out during the first six months from birth. This will help to accommodate and introduce the animal to other animals.

baby standing near pony

Pony Lifespan

A pony can live between twenty-five and thirty years. They tend to live longer than horses. The pony’s lifespan depends on many factors. During the first two years of their lives, ponies are still getting used to life outside a dam’s womb.

Some people state ponies live longer than horses as they are hardier. They can be ridden under a saddle for many years. However, their riding career may start later than horses have.

A baby pony is called a foal. The same goes for a baby horse. They are called so during their first year of age.

Ponies who were born in captivity might die before they reach the age of three. It’s due to health problems caused by lack of exercise and nutrition.

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Horse Age in Human Years Explained

The chart above should help you better understand how old your horse is in human years. It’s important to keep this in mind when deciding what kind of care they need from their owner.

Have you ever thought about the age difference between humans and horses? There are many things that can affect an equine’s life expectancy. It’s important to know if a horse will be considered elderly after 12-13 years of living. As well as any other health concerns or special needs they may have at different stages in their lives.

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