12 Christmas Horse Decorations to Spruce Up This Holiday

Christmas is coming, and it’s high time to deck the halls – or in this case, the stable! We have compiled a solid list of Christmas ornaments for horse lovers that you will love. You can use them to decorate your Christmas tree or hang them at the barn. Moreover, these Christmas horse decorations would be an ace gift idea for your horse owner friends. Here’s a list of trinkets you can get for this holiday.

1. Kurt Adler Western Saddle Ornament

The Old World Christmas store offers an outstanding horse Christmas decoration in the form of a horse tacked with a Western saddle. This piece is crafted with beautiful detail, from the intricate tooling to the detailed glittering. The Old World Christmas horse ornament is made of molten glass, making it an ideal addition to your holiday decorating.

2. Midwest-CBK English Riding Dressage Ornament

If you’re looking for personalized horse Christmas tree ornaments, the Midwest-CBK decoration is perfect. This ornament features a Haflinger horse printed on a ceramic circle ornament that will serve you for years. This horse Christmas decoration is loved for its custom name feature. This means you can make your horse Christmas gift truly special with the name of your hooved friend or equestrian facility.

3. Old World Christmas Dressage Horse

Old World also offers stunning Christmas horse ornaments for Dressage riders. This ornament is made of mouth-blown glass and features a bronze horse with a classy dressage saddle. It looks beautiful on any Christmas tree and comes in a themed box for a top-shelf gift.

4. Kurt Adler Western Saddle Ornament

Cowboy riders would love these Western saddle Christmas tree decorations! Made of resin, this Kurt Adler ornament will add some country charm to your Christmas tree. We love how detailed those horse saddles are, especially the stirrups and suede straps. These horse Christmas decorations come with brown strings to put on the tree right after unpacking.

5. Midwest-CBK English Riding Dressage Ornament

This is a fascinating gift for an equestrian rider who is into Dressage. It comes with a rider mounting a brown horse. This horse ornament is made of resin, and it looks so realistic. It has a 4-inch height, and the detail is just stunning. The color combination is also spot on, making this Christmas tree ornament look more authentic.

6. Breyer Horses Stirrup Ornament

The Breyer store offers a hand-crafted horse decoration for Christmas tree. This toy horse comes with a shiny stirrup with a blue ribbon to hang on. It has authentic details like an indigo gem, hand-painted for exquisite beauty. The horse ornament is made of quality plastic, and the golden color shade adds a touch of elegance. The size is 3 x 3.5 inches, suitable for hanging on Christmas trees or wreaths.

7. Enesco Store Santa Riding White Horse

This collectible is ideal for those who want to keep Santa as a part of their horse Christmas ornament collection. Constructed with stone resin material, this Santa riding a white horse is an eye-catching piece perfect for gifting. It represents the legend saying Saint Nicholas rode a noble horse. The hand-painted details make the toy look stunning. This Enesco Christmas decoration for horse lovers comes with a box, which is a nice perk.

8. Classy Equine Western Quarter Horse

If you’re looking for wooden Christmas decorations that are ready to gift, this Classy Equine piece is the one. Made with composite wood, this laser-cut horse is friendly to delivery. A black horse with a brown saddle is illustrated, but you can change the print. And you don’t need to worry the decoration may come broken. Perfect gift for horse lovers who have kids and pets.

9. Old World Christmas Cowboy Boot

Western riders would enjoy this cowboy boot Christmas decoration. The handcrafted piece is made with glass and provides a shiny look. Show your loyalty to horse Christmas ornaments with this western-themed decoration. Hang it on the Christmas tree or use it as an ornament at your barn. It doesn’t weigh much, so you can hang it on a Christmas wreath as well. The authentic details make the boot very realistic looking and will be admired by everyone who loves Western.

10. Hallmark Keepsake Store Clydesdale Dream Horse

For those who love draft horses, Hallmark offers Clydesdale horse breed decoration. This plastic Christmas ornament can be used as a toy gift for kids. It comes with a beautiful brown and white horse. The collectible is big enough to fit into your horse-themed Christmas tree. Or use it as an ornament at home or horse barn. The product is made of sturdy plastic, which makes it last longer.

11. Newman House Studio Rocking Horse

A rocking horse Christmas decoration is a classy touch to your tree. This is a great ornament for horse lovers and children. The horse toy is made of durable resin and features a white rocking horse with red details. It measures 4.13 x 3.34 inches, making it small enough to fit on any tree or in other holiday decorations. The rocking horse is also perfect as a stocking stuffer.

12. Old World Christmas Ornaments Horse Trailer

This molten glass Christmas decoration features a horse in a trailer, complete with a wagon wheel. The horse ornament is intricately painted and measures 4 inches long. This Old World decoration is hand-crafted and spiced up with glitter. The most adorable thing is the Christmas wreath added at the back of the horse trailer.

Christmas horse decoration on christmas tree

What to Look for When Buying Christmas Ornaments for Horse Lovers

When buying horse Christmas decorations, consider the following elements:

  • Quality. Look for Christmas ornaments that are crafted with high-quality materials and built to last.
  • Design. Choose items that feature intricate details, vibrant colors, and festive designs.
  • Cost. Horse ornaments can range in price depending on quality and design. Find out how many items you can get within your budget.
  • Size. Choose ornaments that match the size of your Christmas tree. If you want to hang them on a wreath, consider lighter and smaller items.
  • Durability. Look for horse ornaments that are weather-resistant. So they can be used indoors as well as outdoors during winter months.

Rubber vs Plastic vs Glass vs Wooden Ornaments – Which Is the Best?

Rubber is quite popular due to its durability and flexibility. But they might be too heavy for little trees and wreaths.

Plastic decorations are also a great option as it tends to be more lightweight and eco-friendly. But they may come with poor decorations to lower the price.

Glass horse Christmas ornaments are the most elegant choice but require special care when handling them. It’s not the best option to use them in case there are horses or pets nearby.

Wooden Christmas decorations are quite sturdy and not afraid of falls. But they may be difficult to find and may not last as long as other materials.

rocking horse under christmas tree

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does a Horse Christmas Ornament Cost?

The average price of a horse Christmas decoration is $20. The cost range varies greatly depending on the toy material, size, and craftsmanship.

Where Can I Buy Horse Ornaments for Christmas Tree?

You can find Horse Christmas decorations at many retailers, such as department stores, specialty shops, and online stores. You can also find unique handmade Christmas decorations on sites like Etsy.

Is a Christmas Ornament a Good Gift for a Horse Lover?

Yes, horse Christmas decorations are a top-notch gift for any horse enthusiast. They are both beautiful and thoughtful ways to show your appreciation. Such ornaments are also sure to bring a joyful smile to the recipient’s face. There are even custom ornaments where you can engrave the name of your horse or its owner.


Make this holiday season truly special for horse owners and horse lovers. Horse Christmas ornaments come in various shapes and sizes to suit your horse-themed Christmas tree. With this buyer’s guide, you have a chance to dress up your Christmas tree with cute horse ornaments. Just remember to keep an eye out for quality and durability before making a purchase.