Arabian Horse Price: How Much do Arabian Horses Cost?

Do you wonder about an Arabian Horse price? Well, you need to know that there’s no fixed price for such an in-demand horse breed. However, the range is between $5,000 to $10,000 that changed due to loads of factors.

Arabian horses are among the top ten horse breeds globally for their unmatched endurance, beauty, intelligence, and ability to work in various domains. So considering these features, it’s no wonder they are one of the most expensive breeds globally.

So the question is, how much does an Arabian Horse cost? Read on to learn more about this horse breed, and why they are so expensive.

Domestic arabian horses of different colors

An Arabian Horse’s Annual Expenses

Horses, as it is, are expensive to take care of. You need to devote a substantial amount of money every month for their expenses. In the case of Arabian horses, you need to set aside $300 to $800 for them every month.

Here’s a breakdown of their annual, monthly, and everyday expenses:

  • While the diet costs depend on how much your horse eats, it is usually between $250 to $4000 annually.
  • As for housing, you may have to spend about $850 to $2545, depending on where they are housed.
  • You have to spend about $10-$150 on it’s grooming, which is decided by the grooming services.
  • As for medical care, dental care is essential and costs $50-$100 per visit while vaccine and deworming, about $250-$350 annually.
  • Training for racing or horse shows will be about $40-$100 per day.
beautiful arabian horse is posing

Why are Arabian Horses So Expensive?

Their high maintenance cost is one of the factors contributing to their high rates. After spending so much training and maintaining Arabian horses, the owners will definitely quote higher prices.

Besides, the breed itself is expensive. They are purely Arabic horses bred that were once used by the Bedouin Arabs for raiding villages and in wars.

The western world soon came to know about their beauty and imported them to mix with various breeds. It’s why most horses today have some Arabic horse genes.

The main five factors for an Arabian horse’s popularity and high costs (which can reach one million dollars or more) are:

1. Royal beauty and unique stature

No other breed is as beautiful as the Arabian horse; even their skeleton is different from regular horses.

The contributing beauty features are large almond-shaped eyes, a long, arched neck, large nostrils, and a small muzzle. Their legs are also strong and powerful and their profile concave. Their broad forehead has a slight bulge in between the eyes.

Arabian horses come in various colors like gray, chestnut, black, bay, dominant white, and in sabino pattern. They don’t only have royal looks, but their walk is also majestic.

2. Great strength and endurance

Arabian horses have more strength, power, and endurance than other breeds. Its thanks to their breeding in scorching Arabian desserts.

It helped them develop their endurance and ability to survive anywhere. Though they aren’t the fastest, their persistence is useful in endurance racing, raiding, horse shows, and beginner horses.

Arabian horse world championship

3. Well-behaved, friendly, and willing to please

Yes, Arabian horses may be high-strung in heart and require occasional handling. However, they are also intelligent and friendly. They know what they must do and mold themselves according to the owner’s and trainer’s needs.

Curious in nature, they are also fast learners. They are willing to learn all and any trick their trainer teaches them. And as they are friendly, mild-mannered, and crave attention, they learn quickly to please their trainer.

4. Full or half breed

There are two types of Arabian horses – half and full.

The full or rather pure Arabian horses are the more expensive of the two. Of the many original purebreds, the Bedouin Desert Arabian is the rarest and most costly.

Half-Arabian breeds are combination breeds of full Arabian and another purebred horse. They cost between $500 to $75,000, while a full Arabian cost price is between $500 to $155,000.

5. Part-owning or leasing

You have the choice of leasing Arabian horses temporarily, or as a part of a lease-to-own agreement. The option helps reduce your upfront buying costs considerably.

That’s why many Arabian horses have more than one owner.

Arabian horse is performing

Final verdict: Should You Buy an Arabian Horse? Are They Worth the Money?

You may now be excited about the idea of buying an Arabian horse. However, you wonder how much does an Arabian horse cost and if it’s worth the money.

Well, they are expensive, there’s no doubt about it. However, they are special horses. They are desert animals and can function on minimal food and water. It helps improve their endurance and makes them a more attractive buy for raids and horse shows.

Their exotic personalities and looks are also worth the investment.

If it’s the speed you are looking for, well, despite their endurance, strength, and physical dominance, Arabian horses aren’t the fastest. Quarter Horses and Thoroughbreds and will easily beat them in short races.

Arabian horse and foal running

However, things are different when it comes to longer races. Arabian horses have the stamina to perform better in endurance riding championships.

If you wonder about their lifespan, well Arabian horses have a long healthy lifespan of 25-30 years. Some even live into their 40s. Their slightly longer life expectancy may be because of their smaller body structure when compared to other horse breeds.

Arabian horses are a perfect investment if you want a horse that seldom falls sick and with minimal injury or health problems. Besides, the wide price range ensures you can make your final choice based on how you plan to use your horse.

You have to pay more if you want a prime Arabian horse for show rings or breeding horses. You need to establish bloodlines for breeding purposes. However, a cheaper Arabian horse will more than suffice if you want a loyal and affectionate horse around your home.

portrait from behind the grey Arabian horse

Final Thoughts

So, in short, you have to decide if they are worth the money based on your needs and preferences. Arabian horses are awesome companions, even though they are not easy to handle. You’ll have to fork out a lot for this champ but it’s worth every buck for sure.

Don’t forget to consider proper tack gear for your horse as a horse saddle and bridles.