Horse Girths Review

The top-notch horse girth will keep the rider sit still which is crucial in equestrian sports. And after testing of 32 products, with no shadow of a doubt, we can say that the Ovation Airform Girth is definitely on the

Horse Riding Basics

Feeling ready to plunge into equestrian sports? Great news! And we’re here to help you make your first steps. In fact, horse riding is quite a demanding activity that requires lots of practice and patience. But once you try horse

Horse Riding Boots for Kids

We’ve put on 14 pairs of equestrian shoes to check which one lasts longer and now we’re pretty sure that TuffRider Kid’s Field Boots are the very one. The product features high-quality materials, a trendy look, solid grip – what

Horse Riding Boots for Men

Horseback riding activities require constant training so high-quality equipment is a must. The Ariat Men Paddock Boots is a fascinating mixture of durable fabric and comfortable design that every avid equestrian craves for. After testing 14 pairs of horse riding

Horse Riding Breeches for Kids

If you want to provide your kid with a comfortable sit, the TuffRider Lowrise Breeches are the way to go. This top-notch product is chosen from 18 pairs for its great durability and stretchable fit. THE WINNER TuffRider Lowrise Breeches

The Best Horse Riding Helmet for Adults

Choosing the best horse riding helmet is not an easy task but eventually, we found out that Tipperary Sportage Equestrian Sport Helmet is the clear winner due to its suitable design, ventilation features, and great protection. THE WINNER Tipperary Sportage

Horse Breeds

There are dozens of horse breeds and all of them, no doubt, have their pros and cons, they could be taken advantage of for different purposes. Thanks to modern technologies, we are capable of selecting new breeds in order to

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