How to Build a Homemade Horse Walker?

How to Build a Homemade Horse Walker

A horse walker is a round device that forces equines move in a circle. This device helps to cool down the animal after a tough workout. A horse owner knows that walking their horse is an important part of their care. A homemade horse walker can help take the burden off of you and make horse walking easier and more efficient.

So, How to Build a Horse Walker?

If you are going to build a horse walker, you will need some supplies. These include:

  • treated lumber;
  • plywood;
  • screws;
  • nails;
  • hinges;
  • latch;
  • drill;
  • saw;
  • measuring tape;
  • level.

You need to decide where to put the hot walker for horses. The gear should be placed in an area where the horse can see other horses and people. It should also be placed in an area where the horse can get water and hay. Your own walker should be placed in an area where the ground is level and dry. Once you found out the spot, you need to measure the area.

The next step is to cut the lumber and plywood according to the measurements of the area where the walker will be placed. After the lumber and plywood are cut, it is time to assemble the walker for horses.

First, you need to build the base of the horse walker. The base should be made out of lumber, and it should be square or rectangular.

Next, you need to attach the plywood to the base.

After the plywood is attached, you need to add the posts. The posts should be made out of lumber, and they should be placed at each corner of the walker.

Then it’s time to add the crossbars. The crossbars should be made out of lumber, and they should be placed between the posts.

Finally, you need to add the horse tethers. The horse tethers should be made out of rope, and they should be placed on the crossbars.

Now you have a hot walker that is ready to use!

Electronic horse walker on a horse riding

How to Build a Motorized Horse Walker?

Use the following steps to add a motor to the walker.

First, you need to build a frame for the motor. Use lumber to make the frame. It should be square or rectangular.

Next, you need to attach the motor to the frame. Make sure the motor can reverse so the animal can walk both ways.

After the motor is attached, you need to add the wheels. The wheels should be made out of plywood and placed at each corner of the walker.

Tip: square tubing is preferred over the round or angled pipe. However, consider both.

Add an emergency shut-off switch in case of urgent action is needed. Contact your local certified electrician for help.

Building a horse walker is not difficult and does not have to cost a lot of money. This is an ideal option for a cash-strapped horse owner. You can find plans for horse walkers online or in horse magazines. Make sure the walker is sturdy and will not tip over.

Quarter horse in horse walker

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Horse Walker?

A horse walker is a machine that allows an equine to walk in a circle. This device allows exercising horses to walk around with no horse owner’s supervision.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Horse Walker?

There are many benefits of using a hot walker for horses. Some of these advantages include:

  • Exercise. Walking can help you keep your equines fit and healthy.
  • Cooling Down. After a race or hard workout, it is important for horses to cool down gradually. Walking in a horse walker helps to bring their heart rate and body temperature down slowly and safely.
  • Rehabilitation. The mechanical horse walker can be used as part of a rehabilitation program for injured horses. Walking helps to keep the horse’s muscles and joints loose and flexible, which can speed up the healing process.
  • Behavioral Issues. If a horse is prone to anxiety or boredom, walking in a horse walker can help to relieve some of these issues. The monotony of walking in a circle can help to calm horses down. As well as provide them with a sense of security.

How Does a Horse Walker Work?

A horse walker typically consists of four or six arms that rotate around a central point. The horse is attached to the arms by either a halter or surcingle. Most four-horse walkers come with arms of 14 to 17 feet long. The training equipment can be operated manually or automated.

Manual horse walkers are turned by a person using a handle or lever. Automated horse walkers have a motor that turns the arms.

Some horse walkers also have an attached water tank and hose. This allows you to cool your horses down after their workout by spraying them with water.

horse walker top view

How Long Should a Horse Be on a Horse Walker?

The horse walker should be used for 20 to 30 minutes. This will help the horse cool down and prevent it from getting cold. The walker can also be used for longer periods of time if the horse is not sweating.

Can Horses Trot in a Horse Walker?

Yes, horses can trot in a horse walker. However, it is not recommended to let the horse trot for more than 20 minutes at a time. This is because the horse may overheat and become dehydrated.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Horse Walker?

You can expect to spend anywhere from $500-$2000 on the materials needed to build a homemade horse walker. The cost of building such a device will vary depending on the size and features you want.

Does My Horse Need a Horse Walker?

Horses should be exercised regularly to maintain their health and fitness. The walking training equipment is a great way to get your horse the solid stretch it needs without having to ride it. Using a mechanical horse walker is beneficial for animals in different ways:

  • improved circulation;
  • reduced stress;
  • increased joint flexibility;
  • aids in weight loss.
fully enclosed horse walker

How Much Does a Horse Walker Cost?

The cost of a horse walker ranges from $1,500 to $5,000, including installation. You can find a horse walker for sale for $25,000 or higher if the device comes with improved walls and a roof. The price tag depends on the walker’s size and features. The Priefert horse walker is a well-known tool serving in the construction industry for more than 50 years.

Should I Buy a Used Horse Walker?

Search for a used horse walker for sale near me to save some bucks. The cost of a used walker for horses is up to $1,000. However, it is crucial to inspect the mechanical horse walker before buying it. Make sure that the walker is in good condition and that all of the parts are working properly.

Who Is a Hot Walker?

A hot walker is a worker who walks sweaty horses that are warmed up after a workout or training. The hot walker charges a fee to horse owners for this service. Hot walkers are also known as horse keepers or horse sitters. A hot walker is usually a stable or a groom worker who takes care of the equines while the owners are away.

Why Do They Walk Horses in a Circle?

The horse walker is built in a circular shape so that the horse can walk in a natural way. The horse’s head should be inside of the circle while walking. This way, the equine will not get tangled in the lead rope and will not get hurt.

Training a Horse in a Horse Walker

Are Horse Walkers Good for Horses?

Horse walkers are good for horses because they provide exercise and mental stimulation. Walking in a horse walker can also help to prevent boredom and vices such as weaving and cribbing.

What Is the Size of a Horse Walker?

A mechanical horse walker can go from 30 to 60 inches in diameter. This allows you to keep two to eight equines together. The device should be big enough so that the horse can walk comfortably without hitting the sides. The horse’s head should not hit the top of the walker.

How Much Does a Horse Walker Weigh?

A horse walker typically weighs between 1,000 and 1,500 pounds. The device’s weight depends on the size of the walker and the materials used.

What Is a Panel Horse Walker?

A panel horse walker is a walker that has panels on the sides. These panels can be made of wood, PVC, or metal. The panels help to keep the horse from hitting the sides of the walker. There’s no need to tie a horse in a panel horse walker. Such gear can walk for four to eight equines simultaneously.


DIY horses walkers are beneficial for horse owners. The devices help to keep horses healthy and fit. You can make your own mechanical horse walker or buy new training equipment. Consider the size of the equine and the weight of the device. Also, check the type of horse walker before making a purchase or building the device.