Horse Bridles Review

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Handling a horse is fairly challenging so you need a firm horse bridle. We’ve tested 22 horse bridles to find the very one and here it is – the Henri de Rivel Dressage Bridle with Reins – which is a first-rate tack gear that provides perfect communication between the horseman and their horse. A horse … Read more

Horse Snaffle Bits Review

Horse Snaffle Bits Review by

When it comes to precise control, an uppermost horse bit should be considered. The results of our review show that the Myler SS Comfort Snaffle hits the first place out of 18. And that is because of its firm material and budget-friendly features. Horse bits are a pretty essential piece of equestrian gear that is … Read more

Horse Girths Review

man tightening up girth

The top-notch horse girth will keep the rider sit still which is crucial in equestrian sports. And after testing of 32 products, with no shadow of a doubt, we can say that the Professionals Choice Equine English Girth is definitely on the ball with its solid materials used and a stretchy design. A horse girth … Read more