Horse Tack

Horses, unlike other pets, need much more responsibility, care, time, and money. Whether you’re an equestrian enthusiast, horse owner, or professional horseback rider, here you’ll find tons of useful info about horses.

Learn all the nitty-gritty about owning a horse, horseback riding, equestrian tips, popular horse breeds, and more. Get the hang of horse grooming, tacking, riding, and eventing. This blog will help you to broaden your horizons by honing your scope on horse training, riding, and breeding.

Every equestrian needs proper equipment for safe and comfy riding. Every professional sport requires safety gear and horse riding is not an exception. Here you’ll find all the necessary riding apparel for kids and adults. This includes riding helmets, gloves, breeches, boots, and more.

Different equestrian disciplines require a range of equipment needed. Check the reviews of the top gear to find attire that suits best your riding needs and purposes.

Provide your companion with maximum comfort by tacking him up with solid gear. Choosing proper equipment for a horse promotes comfy and safe riding. It’s beneficial both to you and your hooved friend.

Here you’ll find a wide range of horse tack including saddles, saddle pads, bridles, horse protective boots, etc. All the gear is thoroughly reviewed so you can compare the products and find the perfect match. There’s a variety of equipment suitable for Western and English riders.

Horse Saddles Review by
equestrian saddle

Best Horse Saddles Review (Western & English)

Life’s a rodeo and all you have to do is stay in the saddle. And after we tested 18 equestrian saddles, we found out that the Acerugs Western Horse Saddle is the best one that will keep you sit tight

Horse Saddle Pads Review by
equestrian pad

Best Saddle Pads For Trail Riding

In order to ensure which horse saddle pad could be considered as the best equestrian gear, we’ve tested 16 pads and figured out that the Weaver Leather Contoured Saddle Pad grabbed the 1st place. Being highly durable and mold-resistant, this

woman is trimming horse mane
body clipping

Best Horse Clipper Review

Make clipping fast and easy with a quality grooming tool. After testing 14 clippers on 5 different equines, we concluded that the ANDIS AGC2 2-Speed Clipper grabs the 1st place. That’s a professional horse clipper with excellent features. Clipping is

brown horse is drinking from ritchie waterer
Automatic horse waterer

5 Best Automatic Horse Waterer with Heater Reviewed

Severe frost spares no one, thus, solid equipment is needed. And the Ritchie Omni Fount will stand you in good stead when it comes to temperature control. This automatic horse waterer with heater grabs the 1st place, leaving 12 foes

Horse Blanket Review by
Fly Sheet

Horse Blankets Review

Horses should be kept properly in various weather conditions, and a solid horse blanket may come in handy. Thus, 36 different horse blankets and sheets were tested, and 5 uppermost products get to our top list. And the Tough 1

young rider do horse grooming
equestrian gear

Horse Grooming Kits Review

Every horse deserves a solid brush up after hard work, that’s why you need a decent grooming kit. And after combing and scrapping 8 horses with 14 various grooming kits, we concluded that the Weaver Leather Grooming Kit is a

Horse Protective Boots Review by
equestrian gear

Horse Protective Boots Review

Looking for a horse gear for injury recovery or its prevention? Here’s a great solution, the Weaver Leather Athletic Boots. Having a comfortable design and providing a heat therapy feature, this product beats its 16 competitors with no probs. THE

Horse Bridle Review by
equestrian gear

Horse Bridles Review

Handling a horse is fairly challenging so you need a firm horse bridle. We’ve tested 22 horse bridles to find the very one and here it is – the Henri de Rivel Dressage Bridle with Reins – which is a

Horse Snaffle Bits Review by
d-ring bit

Horse Snaffle Bits Review

When it comes to precise control, an uppermost horse bit should be considered. The results of our review show that the Myler SS Comfort Snaffle hits the first place out of 18. And that is because of its firm material

man tightening up girth
equestrian gear

Horse Girths Review

The top-notch horse girth will keep the rider sit still which is crucial in equestrian sports. And after testing of 32 products, with no shadow of a doubt, we can say that the Professionals Choice Equine English Girth is definitely