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Horses, unlike other pets, need much more responsibility, care, time, and money. Whether you’re an equestrian enthusiast, horse owner, or professional horseback rider, here you’ll find tons of useful info about horses.

Learn all the nitty-gritty about owning a horse, horseback riding, equestrian tips, popular horse breeds, and more. Get the hang of horse grooming, tacking, riding, and eventing. This blog will help you to broaden your horizons by honing your scope on horse training, riding, and breeding.

Every equestrian needs proper equipment for safe and comfy riding. Every professional sport requires safety gear and horse riding is not an exception. Here you’ll find all the necessary riding apparel for kids and adults. This includes riding helmets, gloves, breeches, boots, and more.

Different equestrian disciplines require a range of equipment needed. Check the reviews of the top gear to find attire that suits best your riding needs and purposes.

Provide your companion with maximum comfort by tacking him up with solid gear. Choosing proper equipment for a horse promotes comfy and safe riding. It’s beneficial both to you and your hooved friend.

Here you’ll find a wide range of horse tack including saddles, saddle pads, bridles, horse protective boots, etc. All the gear is thoroughly reviewed so you can compare the products and find the perfect match. There’s a variety of equipment suitable for Western and English riders.

cowboy boots lined up
boots for men

Most Comfortable Cowboy Boots for Men and Women

Cowboy boots are in demand among many equestrians. The boots are comfy enough to withstand long rides. Quality cowboy boots bring solid protection while in the saddle. That’s a fashionable piece that will spruce up your horse riding attire. This

Horse Riding Helmets for Kids Review by horsezz.com
equestrian helmets

Best Horse Riding Helmets for Kids & Youth

After a number of durability tests of 24 kids riding helmets, we concluded that the Troxel Spirit Horseback Riding Helmet would be the best protection of your child’s head due to its firm design, thick padding, and adjustment features. THE

Horse Riding Helmets for Adults Review by horsezz.com
equestrian helmets

Best Horseback Riding Helmet for Adults

Choosing the best horse riding helmet is not an easy task. But eventually, we found out that Troxel Spirit Horseback Riding Helmet is the clear winner due to its suitable design, ventilation features, and great protection. THE WINNER Troxel Spirit

Young girl on horse in jumping show
boots for kids

Horse Riding Boots for Kids

We’ve put on 14 pairs of equestrian shoes to check which one lasts longer and now we’re pretty sure that TuffRider Kid’s Field Boots are the very one. The product features high-quality materials, a trendy look, solid grip – what

equestrian sports horseman
boots for men

Horse Riding Boots for Men

Horseback riding activities require constant training so high-quality equipment is a must. The Ariat Men Paddock Boots is a fascinating mixture of durable fabric and comfortable design that every avid equestrian craves for. After testing 14 pairs of horse riding

Boy and girl in jumping show
breeches for kids

Horse Riding Breeches for Kids

We bet you want to provide your kid with a comfortable sit, the TuffRider Lowrise Breeches are the way to go. This top-notch product is chosen from 18 pairs for its great durability and stretchable fit. THE WINNER TuffRider Lowrise

Horse Riding Boots for Women Review by horsezz.com
boots for women

Horse Riding Boots for Women

Convenient foot protection is a must to sit in a saddle still. The TuffRider Paddock Boots gets the gold medal for their durable and flexible features while having a refined look. What a win-win solution! THE WINNER TuffRider Paddock Boots

Horse Riding Breeches for Men Review by horsezz.com
breeches for men

Horse Riding Breeches for Men

As every horseman craves for convenience and durability, we’ve picked out the 5-star horse riding breeches that will definitely meet your expectations. Yes, we’re talking about the TuffRider Men’s Breeches that beat up 14 other equestrian opponents with ease. THE

Horse Riding Breeches for Women Review by horsezz.com

Horse Riding Breeches for Women

After we jumped in 22 pairs of horse riding breeches we concluded that the TuffRider Ventilated Schooling Tights is top-tier from the list that will totally last for long and bring comfort in equestrian riding. THE WINNER TuffRider Ventilated Schooling

Horse Riding Gloves Review by horsezz.com
Equestrian Equipment

Horse Riding Gloves

We were looking for highly durable and comfortable horse riding equipment and after wearing 16 pairs of gloves, we eventually found out that the TuffRider Children’s Performance Gloves is the cream of the crop! What a great grip and flexibility