What Equestrian Watches to Wear When Riding a Horse?

horse trainer and her horse

A horseback rider’s equestrian watch is an important piece of equine equipment. You need to know the time, as well as how fast you are riding and what distance you have traveled. Good equestrian watches will be comfortable on your wrist and won’t distract you from controlling your horse. This article lists the top 5 … Read more

What Is Hippotherapy Used for? The Ultimate Guide

Closeup of a kid stroking a horse

Hippotherapy is a form of therapy that help kids and adult. It has many different benefits and can be used in conjunction with other treatments. These include occupational therapy, speech therapy, or physical therapy. Read more about hippotherapy in this article so you can decide if hippotherapy is the right treatment option for your loved … Read more

What Is the Best Christmas Gift for a Horse Trainer? [12 Gifts]

three horses with christmas decorations

Horse lovers, Christmas is coming! If you don’t know what to give your favorite horse trainer this year, check out our list of the 12 best Christmas gift ideas for a horse trainer. These gifts are sure to be an instant hit with any equestrian enthusiast. From stocking stuffers to gift certificates, there’s something for … Read more

What Are Horses Afraid of? 10 Fears You Should Know About

frightened horse eye close view

Horses are one of the most majestic animals on earth. They can be a joy to ride and a great partner for humans, but horses have fears just like we do. You may think horses are afraid of nothing or that they don’t understand their own fear at all, but you would be wrong! Reading … Read more

8 Belgian Horse Breeds and Their Characteristics

Belgian horses at sunrise

Belgian horses are a popular breed across the globe. Belgian horses were traditionally bred for draft work and to pull carriages. They have been extensively used in warfare throughout history. Belgian horses come in many different shapes and sizes with unique characteristics that make them all special. Here are 8 Belgian horse breeds along with … Read more

Zebra vs Horse: Size and Speed Compared

horse and zebra grazing around

Horses and zebras may seem similar but these animals differ in many ways. Horses are typically much larger than zebra. And horses can run faster. On average horse’s top speed is around 50 mph while a zebra’s tops out at 35 mph. The horse has more endurance. It can run for longer periods of time … Read more

What Is the Best Horse in RDR2 Online?

monitor with rdr2 game on screen

Many players in the online game Red Dead Redemption 2 are wondering what horse is best in RDR2 online. There are a lot of breeds to choose from. Some horses might be better at certain things than others. In this article, we will discuss RDR2 horse breeds and how to take care of them. We’ll … Read more

What Dress to Wear with Cowgirl Boots?

bride and mades of honor in cowboy boots

What should you wear with cowboy boots? This is a question that many girls ask themselves. Cowboy boots are versatile and can be worn on different occasions. They’re perfect for every season, too. In this article, we’ll talk about the best outfits for wearing cowboy boots. You will find out what dress to wear with … Read more

Can You Ride a Horse While Pregnant?

woman in white holding horse

Horseback riding is a great way to get back in shape, but can you ride a horse while pregnant? The answer is yes, with some precautions. You’ll need to take your doctor’s advice into consideration when horseback riding during pregnancy. This article reveals useful tips to follow when riding while pregnant. Check the warning signs … Read more

Horse Years Compared to Human Years Chart

young man touching his horse

Equines have a horse age that is different from a human’s. This means horse years are not the same as human years. This article will help you compare horse and pony ages to human age. Here, you’ll find a chart of horse years compared to human years. How Old Is a Horse in Human Years? … Read more