Horse Years Compared to Human Years Chart

young man touching his horse

Equines have a horse age that is different from a human’s. This means horse years are not the same as human years. This article will help you compare horse and pony ages to human age. Here, you’ll find a chart of horse years compared to human years. How Old Is a Horse in Human Years? … Read more

Why Do Cowboys Wear Chaps?

Cowboy gear close up and ready

Western chaps, or chaparreras, are a type of protective clothing worn by cowboys and those who work on a ranch. The word “chaparreras” is Spanish for “cover the legs.” Chaps come in many different styles, colors, and lengths depending on the region where they are used. While half chaps are worn on horse riding boots … Read more

How Hard Can a Horse Kick? Common Signs and Tips Revealed

bay horse throwing hind legs in air

Horses are powerful animals and can kick with a force of up to 1,000 pounds per square inch. This is equivalent to the weight of 13 elephants! When you consider that a small car weighs about 4,500 pounds, it’s easy to see how dangerous horse kicks can be. To avoid getting kicked by a horse, … Read more

How to Polish Cowboy Boots: 8 Effective Tips Revealed

brown cowboy boots on wooden box

Cowboy boots can be really expensive and it’s important to keep them in excellent condition. The 8 tips in this article will help you polish your boots properly. This will help to get maximum performance and prolong the cowboy boots’ lifespan. If you’re a cowboy or just like wearing boots, then this article is for … Read more

10 Best Horse Breed for Beginners and First-Time Owners

mounted woman petting horse

Some horse breeds get on better with beginner riders due to the horse’s temperament and riding experience. The Morgan Horse and American Paint Horse are quite sociable and easy to train. Such horse breeds are perfect for an inexperienced rider or first-time owner. Besides, many other draft breeds and riding horses are suitable for beginners. … Read more

What Is the Difference Between a Colt and a Foal?

two baby foals on meadow

As a horse grows up, its aging stages have their own names. And these names are different for male and female horses. Distinguishing a horse’s age can be challenging. This article is written to describe young horses and their age stages. What Is a Foal Horse? A foal is a term applied to all young … Read more

How to Measure a Horse Bit

horse holding bit in mouth

Choosing a proper bit is vital so your horse can feel comfy. There are lots of bit options on the market. They may vary in thickness, length, and ring diameter. You have to know how to measure a horse for a bit fit. Horse bits usually come in standard sizes. So you should know if … Read more

Horse Jockey: Salaries & Requirements Explained

Jockeys and horses before race

A jockey is a professional horse rider who competes in horse races. Many jockeys work as independent contractors. Horse trainers hire them. Jockeys get money from winning races. A winning jockey may get a solid percent of the purse. Most jockeys earn modest prize money with a smaller percentage. While some of them can get … Read more

Best Horse Breed for Kids: 10 Horse and Pony Breeds

girl posing on bay horse

Choose a horse wisely when letting your kids hop in a saddle. There are lots of horse and pony breeds friendly to children. We outlined the 10 best breeds to consider. No matter what equine you choose, think about the kid’s safety. Put a kids helmet and comfy riding boots on your child. 1. Shetland … Read more