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Horses, unlike other pets, need much more responsibility, care, time, and money. Whether you’re an equestrian enthusiast, horse owner, or professional horseback rider, here you’ll find tons of useful info about horses.

Learn all the nitty-gritty about owning a horse, horseback riding, equestrian tips, popular horse breeds, and more. Get the hang of horse grooming, tacking, riding, and eventing. This blog will help you to broaden your horizons by honing your scope on horse training, riding, and breeding.

Every equestrian needs proper equipment for safe and comfy riding. Every professional sport requires safety gear and horse riding is not an exception. Here you’ll find all the necessary riding apparel for kids and adults. This includes riding helmets, gloves, breeches, boots, and more.

Different equestrian disciplines require a range of equipment needed. Check the reviews of the top gear to find attire that suits best your riding needs and purposes.

Provide your companion with maximum comfort by tacking him up with solid gear. Choosing proper equipment for a horse promotes comfy and safe riding. It’s beneficial both to you and your hooved friend.

Here you’ll find a wide range of horse tack including saddles, saddle pads, bridles, horse protective boots, etc. All the gear is thoroughly reviewed so you can compare the products and find the perfect match. There’s a variety of equipment suitable for Western and English riders.

horse is chewing wooden fence
building a fence

How to Build a Horse Fence?

A horse fence is an essential part of a horse facility. Its construction should be planned thoroughly in advance. The fence is used to keep horses away from other animals or other herds. A well-made fence system promotes proper grazing

white horse is sniffing a gift
gift ideas

Gifts For Horse Owners. Top 25 Ideas For Any Budget

Keeping a horse is challenging, hands down. These animals need constant attention and a range of equipment. But it’s a good chance to surprise your horse lover or owner with a handy present on a special occasion. Whether it’s Christmas

woman and horse are smiling
buying a horse

How Much Does It Cost to Own a Horse?

Keeping a horse is highly responsible and pricey. Apart from buying a horse, you’ll need to fork out on a range of things. So, how much does it cost to own a horse? The average cost to own a horse

horse is sniffing a toy horse
equine anatomy

Body Parts of a Horse

Getting the hang of equine anatomy is a crucial part of horsemanship. The horse’s body has various distinctive features that every equestrian should know. If you’re wondering what the main body parts of a horse are, this article is right

horse brown eye close up
equine vision

Do Horses See in Color?

Horse owners may be wondering how horses see the world. It’s interesting to know whether equines see the same as humans do. So, do horses see in color? Yes, horses see in color but their vision is different from ours.

red leather english saddle with stirrups

5 Best English Saddle Brands

You can find a range of English saddles on the market nowadays. The top saddle brands include Dover Saddlery, Wintec, Antares, Prestige, and Stubben. And it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Such trusted companies have been pleasing their customers

man is petting his horse
equine anatomy

Quick Answers to Common Questions About Horses

Curious about horses and want to know more about them? You’re at the right spot! We compiled a list of frequently asked questions about hooved pals you may find interesting. Let’s dip into the nitty-gritty of the equine world. Do

two farriers are fitting the horseshoe

How Much Do Farriers Make?

When you get a horse, you should look for a trusted local farrier. The farrier cost depends on the county you live in and the service you need. So, how much do farriers make? Farriers earn $20,000 to $50,000 per