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Horses, unlike other pets, need much more responsibility, care, time, and money. Whether you’re an equestrian enthusiast, horse owner, or professional horseback rider, here you’ll find tons of useful info about horses.

Learn all the nitty-gritty about owning a horse, horseback riding, equestrian tips, popular horse breeds, and more. Get the hang of horse grooming, tacking, riding, and eventing. This blog will help you to broaden your horizons by honing your scope on horse training, riding, and breeding.

Every equestrian needs proper equipment for safe and comfy riding. Every professional sport requires safety gear and horse riding is not an exception. Here you’ll find all the necessary riding apparel for kids and adults. This includes riding helmets, gloves, breeches, boots, and more.

Different equestrian disciplines require a range of equipment needed. Check the reviews of the top gear to find attire that suits best your riding needs and purposes.

Provide your companion with maximum comfort by tacking him up with solid gear. Choosing proper equipment for a horse promotes comfy and safe riding. It’s beneficial both to you and your hooved friend.

Here you’ll find a wide range of horse tack including saddles, saddle pads, bridles, horse protective boots, etc. All the gear is thoroughly reviewed so you can compare the products and find the perfect match. There’s a variety of equipment suitable for Western and English riders.

long calf boot on english stirrup
horse tack

How to Put On Stirrups On a Saddle?

Once you buy a saddle, you need to attach the rest of the tack. English and Western saddles have different designs. That’s why the ways how to put on stirrups on a saddle are also different. This article includes guidelines

mini horse is running
mini horse

What’s the Difference Between Pony and Mini Horse?

The difference between mini horses and ponies lies in their conformation, size, temperament, and use. A miniature horse is slightly shorter than a pony. Mini horses don’t have as muscular bodies as ponies. Ponies tend to have long manes and

western saddles resting on fence
horse saddle

Buying Used Horse Saddle. Is It Worth to Save a Buck?

A new saddle costs up to a few thousand dollars. That’s why some riders consider buying used tack to save their budget. Choosing a used horse saddle may be challenging for rookie equestrians. You have to know what to look

cleaning saddle with glove
horse saddle

How to Clean and Care of Your Horse Saddle

A saddle is one of the most expensive pieces of the tack. Proper care will greatly enhance the gear’s longevity and durability. Check your saddle every time you’re about to ride. In case you’re a frequent rider, a horse saddle

horse black leather English saddle close view
English saddle size

How to Measure Saddle Size: Comprehensive Guide

A saddle is an essential part of horse riding tack. Choosing a proper saddle size makes riding safe and comfy. So, how to measure Western saddle size? A Western saddle is measured from the center points in the midst of the

pinto tinker horse black and white color
home remedies for horses

12 Tips for Horse Mane and Tail Hair Growth

Horses are loved for their graceful movement and stunning appearance. Well-groomed equines with uncommon hair coat please the eye of horse owners. Horses, like humans, are unique creatures. Each of them stands out with special features. These are fast speed,

horses are grazing hay through fence
best hay for horses

Best Hay to Feed Your Horse

Hay is an integral part of horse feeding. Apart from grass, equines consume hay on a daily basis. Green pastures are not available all year round. Feeding horses with hay ensures your animals get enough food per day. Proper feeding

white horse is standing near white pony
horse and pony

What Is the Difference Between a Horse And a Pony?

Some people may confuse horses and ponies. But professional equine experts have to distinguish between these animals. So, what is the difference between a horse and a pony? Horses are equines 14.2 hands tall or higher. Ponies are shorter than

woman is posing near the chestnut horse
grooming tips

The Ultimate Horse Care Guide

Every horse owner agrees keeping a horse requires lots of responsibility. You have to deal with a myriad of chores on a daily basis. Besides, caring for horses is pricey. To make this process more rewarding and peaceful, we compiled

rider is turning out a horse
barn safety

Horse Barn Safety Rules

Most horse owners have experienced a barn injury in some way. People may neglect barn safety but we recommend considering a safe place. Such a place can be provided by following the guidelines mentioned in this article. A thoroughly planned