Why Did Women Ride Side Saddle?

two women in blue dresses are riding side saddle

Sidesaddle riding in an exquisite equestrian discipline that has been known since ancient times. That was typically a female style of horse riding, however, nowadays the sidesaddle riding hits both men and women. So why did women ride side saddle? Do they still ride aside? What are the techniques to slay sidesaddle? Here, we covered … Read more

Draft Horse vs Riding Horse – What’s the Difference?

large chestnut horses are tacked and decorated

Equines can be divided into several types including riding horses, miniature horses, ponies, and draft horses. Here, we’d like to outline the difference between draft horses and riding horses. That’s why there’s a bunch of equestrian activities suitable for riding horses and drafts respectively. Let’s get right down to brass tacks to find out the … Read more

Are Horses Smarter Than Dogs?

dog and horse staring at each other

Both horses and dogs are extremely smart. But if you are wondering who is more intelligent – horses or dogs – that’s a tough question we must say. In fact, horses are rather quick-witted, however, dogs don’t concede to this characteristic. Thus, we should focus on the quintessence of dogs and horse intelligence. Horses and … Read more

Types of Horse Shows You Should Know

woman and her horse are performing gaits at a show

If you’re an avid equestrian, you’re likely to take part in various horse shows. That’s a great opportunity to show off your riding skills as well as your graceful companion. There’s a myriad of horse show types you may like, including pleasure classes, showmanship, timed events, dressage, speed and endurance tests, and more. Here, we’d … Read more

What Is Horse Boarding?

horse stalls close up

Horse boarding is a service provided by horse stables to keep your companion there. That’s a good option for horse owners who don’t have the possibility to arrange a horse stable on their property or need a temporary cover. What is a Livery Stable? The livery stable is also called a horse stable or a … Read more

Why Do Horses Need Salt Blocks?

brown horse is licking white salt

Apart from proper feeding and watering, your horse needs a solid portion of minerals. In summer, when it’s getting hotter, horses tend to sweat a lot. And with sweating, they lose a decent amount of minerals that is vital for their state of health. Thus, horse owners get a horse salt lick to maintain the … Read more

What Is Horse Dressage?

fully tacked horse in dressage close up

If you want to dive into equestrian activities, you should know what dressage riding is. It’s a popular sport, which is recognized all over the world. Dressage horseback riding is an art of advanced horse training that shows a paramount interaction between the horseman and their companion. Let’s dip into the nitty-gritty of horse dressage … Read more

Why Do Horses Wear Horseshoes?

horseshoes close up

Most people are familiar with the trotting sound of a horse as it walks and runs majestically around. It’s the sound of its horseshoes as it touches the floor. However, have you ever wondered why all horses (except the wild ones) wear shoes? Especially when other common farm animals like the duck, or a cow … Read more

How Long Does It Take to Break a Horse?

man is putting halter on his horse

It takes 4 to 6 weeks to break in a horse but the precise time depends on several factors. Well-behaved and friendly horses are obviously easier to handle. While rough companions may need extra time to get used to the training. Let’s dip in the nitty-gritty of breaking in a horse to get how to … Read more

What Do Horses Like to Eat?

horse is treated with apple

Proper nutrition plays a significant role in taking care of a horse. Thus, you may wonder what horses like to eat and what horses can’t eat at all. Safe horse food includes grass, hay, grains, sweet potatoes, carrots, apples, berries, and many others. Keep reading to get the full list of dos and don’ts. In … Read more