A Guide to Basic Horse Tack & Equipment

fully equipped equestrian horse

When you feel a close-knit and trusted relationship with your companion, it’s high time for a new step. Once the horse is ready, you can introduce a new riding tack. The process of the horse getting used to new equipment could be time-consuming but it’s an integral part of the horseback riding activity. It could … Read more

How to Saddle a Horse

horse western saddle

This article describes the entire process of saddling a horse as it could be not so easy as it seems at first glance. Saddling is claimed as an essential part of tacking up a horse whether you’re a beginner or a professional. If it’s done properly, the horseback riding, both Western and English, could be … Read more

A Guide to Basic Equestrian Equipment

two women horseback riding

No doubt, equestrianism is grasped as an expensive sport that requires solid safety gear. As there’s a huge variety of horse riding equipment on the market, a rookie rider could be muddled about what clothing to choose first. The gear certainly must be comfortable and protective so you’re able to stay in the saddle for … Read more