How Much Do Different Horse Breeds Weight

shire horse resting on ranch

As people have different body types, the same goes for horses, different horse breeds tend to gain various weight. Moreover, a horse’s weight is changing throughout his life due to lots of factors. But in fact, every horse breed has got their inherent weight range that is claimed as normal. The average weight of an … Read more

12 Most Popular Horse Colors

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Humans enjoy spending time with horses as they are very intelligent and responsive. Every horseman can find their perfect companion depending on their intentions and taste. There are dozen of horse breeds which are extremely versatile in their temperament, body structure, and color of the coat. Let’s have a look at the variety of common … Read more

60 Interesting Horse Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

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Everybody knows that horses are very intelligent and graceful creatures. But there are also some surprising things that you might not know about them. That’s why we’d like to share a list of fascinating facts about horses that you may find unexpecting and astonishing. 1. Baby horses (foals) can stand and even trot just in … Read more

Horse Grooming Basics

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Grooming is an essential part of horses’ daycare, so you should know how to do it properly. In addition, this routine is a great chance to make things work with your companion and build up a trusted and respectful relationship. In fact, getting along with your horse is crucial in horse riding so you can … Read more

How Long Do Horses Live?

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A horse’s well-being is one of the most important aspects that every horseman has to constantly deal with. The more care you provide, the healthier and longer your companion will live. Of course, everyone’s time is limited so what’s the lifespan of a horse? How long do horses live? It depends on a breed but … Read more

Horse Riding Basics

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Feeling ready to plunge into equestrian sports? Great news! And we’re here to help you make your first steps. In fact, horse riding is quite a demanding activity that requires lots of practice and patience. But once you try horse riding, you will never regret your choice. People and horses have been interacting for thousands … Read more

A Guide to Basic Horse Tack & Equipment

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When you feel a close-knit and trusted relationship with your companion, it’s high time for a new step. Once the horse is ready, you can introduce a new riding tack. The process of the horse getting used to new equipment could be time-consuming but it’s an integral part of the horseback riding activity. It could … Read more

How to Saddle a Horse

horse western saddle

This article describes the entire process of saddling a horse as it could be not so easy as it seems at first glance. Saddling is claimed as an essential part of tacking up a horse whether you’re a beginner or a professional. If it’s done properly, the horseback riding, both Western and English, could be … Read more

A Guide to Basic Equestrian Equipment

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No doubt, equestrianism is grasped as an expensive sport that requires solid safety gear. As there’s a huge variety of horse riding equipment on the market, a rookie rider could be muddled about what clothing to choose first. The gear certainly must be comfortable and protective so you’re able to stay in the saddle for … Read more