Christmas Horse Book

Horse Christmas Book with decorations

Ho-ho-ho! Christmas joy is coming! We’re pleased to introduce our Christmas Horse Book and Christmas Horse Cards. It’s made with huge love and passion for horses. Hope this little gift will spruce up your holidays. The Christmas Horse Book includes an article revealing Christmas horse barn decoration tips. So your hooved friends can feel the … Read more

How Much Space Does a Horse Need?

horse protruding head from the stall to graze

If you’re going to keep a horse on your property, you should provide enough space for it. Horses require much land, especially if there will be more than one equine. Comfortable living affects the animal’s state of health. Thus, you have to create a cozy space to promote its well-being and longevity. So how much … Read more

What Is a Hinny?

hinny is making a funny face

A hinny is a hybrid of a horse and a donkey. To be more precise, it’s an offspring of a female donkey and a male horse. A female donkey is called a jenny and a male horse is called a stallion. Such a cross between two different animals breeds a hinny. Apart from hinnies, there’s … Read more

76 Questions to Ask When Buying a Horse

buyers look over a weanling

Getting a brand-new horse is a special moment every horseman has ever experienced. But we’re not going to paint a rosy picture – it’s quite a challenging task. Lots of details should be handled before an equine is yours. Thus, we made up a checklist of questions that will help you slay buying a horse. … Read more

How Much Does a Donkey Cost?

irish donkey in the rain

Donkeys are not as pricey as horses, although they need solid care too. If you decided to get a donkey, its cost is the first thing you may be wondering. A donkey price is $300 to $4,000 and above. Loads of aspects are taken into account when the owner sets a price for their animal, … Read more

A Story of the Ugliest Horse in the World

horse's open mouth close up

Amazing what you can find at Craiglist, ranging from a batch of free popcorn to… the ugliest horse in the world. How would a displeasing animal look like? Let’s check it out. Meet Butter A few years ago there was a weird ad placed on Craiglist with the following title: “TWH WORLDS UGLIEST HORSE”. A … Read more

What is the Best Horse for Barrel Racing?

cowgirl competing in a barrel race

There’s a range of horse breeds suitable for barrel racing including the Thoroughbred, the Appaloosa, and the Quarter Horse. Each of the breeds has its distinguishing features that make them the best horse for barrel racing. Before you get a new companion, we recommend getting all ins and outs about the most popular horse breeds … Read more

How to Lease a Horse: Ins and Outs Explained

Dark bay horses over a fence

Leasing a horse is a win-win solution for an owner and a rider with a horse involved. Owners have a great opportunity to reduce the amount of money spent on taking care of the equine by sharing the cost with a rider. This may help to save up some budget with no harm to the … Read more

Why Did Women Ride Side Saddle?

two women in blue dresses are riding side saddle

Sidesaddle riding in an exquisite equestrian discipline that has been known since ancient times. That was typically a female style of horse riding, however, nowadays the sidesaddle riding hits both men and women. So why did women ride side saddle? Do they still ride aside? What are the techniques to slay sidesaddle? Here, we covered … Read more

Draft Horse vs Riding Horse – What’s the Difference?

large chestnut horses are tacked and decorated

Equines can be divided into several types including riding horses, miniature horses, ponies, and draft horses. Here, we’d like to outline the difference between draft horses and riding horses. That’s why there’s a bunch of equestrian activities suitable for riding horses and drafts respectively. Let’s get right down to brass tacks to find out the … Read more