How to Measure a Horse Bit

horse holding bit in mouth

Choosing a proper bit is vital so your horse can feel comfy. There are lots of bit options on the market. They may vary in thickness, length, and ring diameter. You have to know how to measure a horse for a bit fit. Horse bits usually come in standard sizes. So you should know if … Read more

Horse Jockey: Salaries & Requirements Explained

Jockeys and horses before race

A jockey is a professional horse rider who competes in horse races. Many jockeys work as independent contractors. Horse trainers hire them. Jockeys get money from winning races. A winning jockey may get a solid percent of the purse. Most jockeys earn modest prize money with a smaller percentage. While some of them can get … Read more

Best Horse Breed for Kids: 10 Horse and Pony Breeds

girl posing on bay horse

Choose a horse wisely when letting your kids hop in a saddle. There are lots of horse and pony breeds friendly to children. We outlined the 10 best breeds to consider. No matter what equine you choose, think about the kid’s safety. Put a kids helmet and comfy riding boots on your child. 1. Shetland … Read more

How to Measure the Height of a Horse or a Pony

woman measuring horse height

You need a special tool to measure the horse’s height. This can be a horse measuring stick or a measuring tape. Such devices can be used to measure both horses and ponies. The horse’s height is determined from the ground to the horse’s withers. Read this article to find how to get an accurate measurement … Read more

How to Stretch Cowboy Boots Around the Calf

three pairs of cowboy boots

Leather shoes may need you to break them in. It means to stretch the boots to soften up leather fibers. First fitting in may seem a bit uncomfortable. But that doesn’t really mean you got a new pair of the wrong size. Check this article that reveals several methods of stretching cowboy boots. This will … Read more

How to Tie a Horse

horse tied to trailer

Tying up your horse is needed when you want your horse to stay still. Whether you travel or compete, this skill is a must. There are various types of horse knots that suit different conditions. You have to know the common ones for safely tying horses. Here, you’ll find out what Bowline, Clove, and Bank … Read more

Best Race Horse Breeds

running horse on races

Horseback racing requires equines that are speedy and enduring. Some horse breeds are perfect for such a competition. While other horses are not a good fit. Race horses have their distinctive features and characteristics. Check this list of the best racing horse breeds to find your ideal companion. 1. Thoroughbred Horse The Thoroughbred breed is … Read more

How to Clean Horse Hooves

cleaning hoof with hoof pick

Horse hoof cleaning should be done on a regular basis. If your horse is still ridden, check its hooves before and after the ride. You’ll need a hoof pick to do so. Checking your horse’s feet frequently prevents hoof health issues. It helps to spot the problem at the earliest stage if it occurs. This … Read more

What Is a Saddle Tree?

western saddle close view

The saddle tree is the foundation of a horse saddle. The basic form reflects the shape of the horse’s back. Depending on the tree design, they fit particular horse types. A poor-fitting saddle may harm your horse. You have to know how to choose the proper angle of the tree that fits your equine. This … Read more

How to Cinch a Saddle?

man tightening saddle billets

A cinch helps to keep a saddle secure on an equine. Without this piece, the saddle will slip and fall off. Every rider should know how to cinch a saddle properly. This will provide enough safety and comfort for you and your horse. This detailed article reveals all the nuts and bolts on horse cinches … Read more