Archeage: How to Get a Horse & Mount Location

The Archeage game is a lot of fun but it can be hard to find the right mount for yourself. This guide will help you find the Archeage horse and other mounts. Learn how to get a horse in Archeage and horse mount location.

Archeage: Horse Mount Location

Mounts are divided into types in Archeage: land mounts, battle pets, and flying mounts. You need to do quests for getting the mount in Archeage. But it’s complicated enough just like other activities there (crafting). The first thing that comes through your mind while thinking about riding might be horse farms where they breed them right? Of course, they must exist somewhere because if you don’t have some horses then how would you ride one? The Archeage horse farms are located in Gweonid Forest, Halcyona, and Diamond Shores. If you’re not sure where they are, look for the brown ArcheAge horse icon on your map.

Archeage: How to Get a Horse

When you reach one of the Archeage Horse Farms, there will be a questgiver nearby. They have a blue question mark over their head. This is where you’ll start your journey to becoming a mounted warrior. The first step is picking up the quest “A Whistle Stop” from the questgiver at any of these three locations.

You’ll need Archeage taming resources like Animal Kinship, Life Force, or Labor Potions (these are limited). First, get all your materials together and complete the quest “A Whistle Stop”. Then head back to one of these three locations: Gweonid Forest Mount Farm, Halcyona Horse Ranch, or Diamond Shores Stable.

At each location, there is a stable master NPC. They will be waiting for you (he has a brown horseshoe over his head). There are two quests available: A Whisper in Your Ear and Feeding Time. Complete quests then return to Archeage taming quest giver NPC in Istanu Beach. After you’ve completed the Archeage horse taming quests, return to one of these three horse stables and feed your Archeage battle pet once again.

Archeage: How to Get Black Arrow Mount

In Archeage, the Black Arrow is a rare and epic mount. The Black Arrow can be obtained as a reward for completing the level 55 world boss dungeon, Raven’s Point. This dungeon is located in Diamond Shores. It can be accessed once your faction has claimed this zone.

The Black Arrow is also available as a drop from certain raid bosses in Archeage. These include Ikkinz Raid (level 50), Ultima Tower Raid (level 55), and Maelstrom of Fate (level 60). You will need to have reached at least level 50 before you can participate in these raids.

What Is Lilyut Horse?

Lilyut Horse is a mount of the Nuian Race. It is available from the Archeage Marketplace. It can be purchased with Archeage Gold or Credits. The Lilyut Horse is a medium-sized horse that has an excellent speed rating.

Black Arrow Mount

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Mounts in Archeage?

Mounts are useable objects in the Archeage game. Generally, it’s a small baby that should be raised and cared for. Players can ride the mounts and use them to travel faster between locations on the Archeage map. Or they can battle their foes with companions which are used as battle pets.

Mounts increase movement speed by 70%. Also, players get a passive skill called Archeum Revelation. It gives mounted units immunity to slowing effects like snares and roots for 30 sec every 60 seconds. This effect cannot be dispelled. Unless an enemy player uses CC Break within those 30 seconds of duration starting from initial cast time at beginning of the fight. Until it wears off after its full duration has passed. Can only affect each mount once per minute. So using this ability multiple times is useless against the same mount. But it may work if you switch to another mount in Archeage.

What Are Battle Pets in Archeage?

Battle pets are also called Combat pets. Such animals feature offensive or defensive abilities that can help their master in battle. You can tame Archeage beasts to become your combat pets. They offer different buffs and advantages in Archeage PvP. This makes them a valuable asset on the battlefield.

There are many different types of Archeage Pets to choose from, including bears, boars, cats, dogs, spiders, and wolves. Each type has its own special abilities that can aid you in combat. For example, bears have the ability that increases your maximum health for a period of time. While spiders can web enemies to slow them down.

You will need a pet whistle to tame Archeage Beasts as they won’t respond to any other method. The best way to get one is by completing the quest “A Whistle Stop” or both.

Where Is Archeage Snowlion Mount Location?

Snowlion is a race mount of the Firran Race. There are three types of the Snowlion: Coalmane, Snowmane, and Sandmane. You can get a Snowlion by completing the “Raising Your Snowlion” quest. Reach the stables of Cloudgrain in Falcorth Plains to get this mount.

How to Fish in Archeage?

Archeage has a few different types of fishing: Lure Fishing, Bait Fishing, and Fly Fishing. The most popular place to fish is in Diamond Shores. There, you can find schools of fish swimming around the docks. ArcheAge Gold Coast offers great spots for bait fishing. While lure fishing is best done in Auroria.

How to Get to Aegis Island?

Aegis Island is a PvP zone that is only accessible to players who have reached level 50. To get there, you’ll need to purchase a boat from one of the major cities: Austera, Solis Headlands, or Marrowstone Island. The cost of the boat ride is 100 gold.

How to Get Vocation Badges?

You have to build a house in the place with a community manager. You will receive 2 dailies for building the house. One of them is for a trade pack run. It gives 500 vacation badges. You can increase this number to up to 2000 badges if you use the vocation increase potion.


Archeage horse mount and battle pets are a great way to get around the world quickly. The fastest way to get there is by using a boat from one of the major cities. You can also receive badges for building a house with a community manager.

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