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Gaining knowledge about horses’ reproductive process is captivating for enthusiasts and also crucial for breeders aiming to produce healthy and prosperous offspring. If you’re wondering how do horses…

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In a world characterized by modernity and rapid progress, there is a certain allure in embracing the nostalgia of the past. Weathered and aged by time, an old…

How to Make Money with Horses

Horses used to be engaged in transportation, agriculture, and even warfare. Nowadays, their importance has extended to recreation, sports, therapy, and breeding. Besides their inherent value, equines provide…

Equestrian Gear Reviews

“A horse is the projection of people’s dreams about themselves, strong, powerful, beautiful. And it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence.”    

Pam Brown

Horses are said to be one of the most beautiful creatures in the world, graceful, peaceful, sensitive and very intelligent. Bonding with horses is as demanding as relationships between humans. Dozens of years ago, horses were an essential and unalterable tool in agriculture that helped people get food and survive. Due to coherent progress, the situation has changed nowadays and such activity as horsemanship has appeared in our society. So we could improve our well-being, health conditions, find peace and have an adventurous pastime keeping in touch with nature.